Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mi Alma.....My Soul

If you look deep within,
you can find the truth.

The depth of your inner feelings
that often one does not even realize are there
because life is complicated and takes you away from what really matters.
It is not until one looks into the eyes of another and sees
the rare truth of ones existence,
an existence that has just started to unravel.
It is a soul that has been denied for too long.
It is "Mi Alma".
It is Spanish for "My Soul".
Senora Mi Alma
............the alpaca that has found my soul.


Barb said...

So happy that you've made that special bond with your beautiful alpaca. :O)

kristi said...

I think its because I said I would never buy one and now I have just been drawn in by them. They are so different than the sheep and should get one;)

jen said...

Very deep my sis. Now keep those thoughts going!
Love ya and love the pictures, can't wait to meet those furry things, maybe they can give me some inspiration too!

Nancy K. said...

Hi Kristi!

I had no idea that you and Jen are sisters! I've followed her blog ever since I got into Canine Rescue and have always enjoyed her antics. What a surprise to learn that you two are sisters. I recognized your barn and your animals on her blog post today! It's been such a long time since I've read any of my sheepy-friends' blogs and I'm looking forward to catching up with you and yours...

Brittanygirl said...

Just stumbled across your blog and I love your photographs.


kristi said...

Hey Nancy! Good to hear from you! I miss your blog posts! It seems everyone started going in a different direction....such is life. Yep thats my sister! She is doing so awesome with her blog, very proud of her, though she is a bit strange ! So glad you stopped by & hope all is well with you!

Thanks for stumbling upon us! Hope you stop back in the future!

Val said...

Hi Kristi,
Popping over from Jen's blog (which I love :) Looks like I'm going to enjoy this one too!! Love your "farm life". Have a great day.