Tuesday, February 19, 2013

CSI: Skunk Sprays My Dog

Date of the crime: Tuesday, February 19th, 2013
Weather Conditions: 20 mph winds. Blowing snow.  Windchill at about 10 degrees
Time of the crime:  6:20 am
Location of the crime scene: 5 foot radius around the chicken coop.
Events leading to crime:  I entered the chicken coop to feed the worthless laying chickens and within seconds I smelled pungent, fresh smell of a skunk.  The smell hit my nose like a fist to my face and I ran out of the coop as I did not know if that foul smelling, disgusting, good for nothing, son of a b*t#h was in the coop. As I was heading for the house to get a flashlight to see where that good for nothing omnivorous rodent was I saw Alvin my black cat heading to the house.  I grabbed him as Alvin tends to get himself into unnecessary trouble. By the time I got to the front porch, the smell was even worse............
.........and pacing on the front porch was a smelly, foaming at the mouth Dixie.
Direct Victim of the Skunk Spray:  Dixie, Cardigan Welsh Corgis
My exact thoughts at that moment:  "You have got to be Fing kidding me?"
She was a mess.  Foaming at the mouth. Panic in her eyes. Trying to rub the smell from her face.
I left her on the front porch. Grabbed a bucket.  Made a mixture of Dawn soap, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide, and some water.  Ripped of my clothes and put on an old t-shirt and shorts. Put on some old boots...not my good muck boots of course, and grabbed a pair of latex gloves.....and outside I went. 
So, there I was, at 6:30 am in the blowing snow, freezing my a*s off, scrubbing my skunk sprayed dog.  She got hit square in the face so I didn't fully bath her as I didn't want to transfer any skunk oils to the rest of her body.  I washed and rinsed her 4 times.  Dried her off and put her in the screened-in-porch and went inside to take a second shower. 
Going to school was not an option at this point. First, I wanted to make sure Dixie was okay and secondly, I just wasn't sure I "smelled right" and I know how compassionate 9th graders are, of course, I would probably smell better than some of them but thats another blog post.  My principal found humor in my situation when I called her.....go figure, but she did thank me for not coming in to school;)
So, where was the skunk?  How did Dixie find it? 
I think she intercepted it somewhere by the chicken coop. 
 Nasty little cuss. 
Again, why did Noah let skunks on the boat?
The skunk better have moved on.
He is messing around on the wrong farm.
I got the house in the divorce & I don't share.
I got friends in low places.
I have friends that are a bit left of center too.
PS.....Dixie is doing fine. Muzzle & ears still smell a bit and she is not getting any kisses from me tonight.


Camryn said...

OH NOOOOOO, poor Dixie. She was just trying to protect you and the worthless hens I'm sure. Grampa Denzil sadly is laughing.
Give Dixie a big hug, you too of course.

Barb said...

There is nothing worse than fresh skunk odor!! What a terrible way to greet the day! Our neighbors lived in a very old house with a dirt cellar. There were skunks living there. We would be visiting them, hear a loud pitched noise coming from the cellar and soon the aroma would arise from the floor. The skunks had just had a disagreement and would spray each other. This same family had come to church one particular Sunday morning smelling of skunk. Some of the other church members sitting nearby were antsy throughout the whole service. At the end of the service the antsy men ran down to the basement. They said they thought the smell was coming from the furnace and they thought it was burning up. These poor skunky people were so embarrassed. Then there was the time that the dance team outfits were stored at their house. You guessed it.....the skunks sprayed in the cellar the night before the performance. It was terrible.

One more thing......I've seen my llama, Gandolf, follow a skunk, his nose to the skunk's tail, without ever being sprayed. This has happened twice that I know about. He must not be a threat to the skunk.

Hope your evening is going better and be careful out there tomorrow morning!

Anonymous said...

Very funny! I hope the smell has dissipated.

Stephen Andrew said...

Ahhhh!!!!! Noooo! Terrible! Poor Dixie! How was she supposed to know that skunks don't want to be herded?good luck! Will there be a tomato bath?

Tammy said...

Glad she is okay. Poor girlie, probably just happened to run onto the skunk. Although probably better her than you??? One time when Boonie dog was alive he was sleeping inside the house and I had the screen door open--I guess a skunk walked past the door and he raised up and wham--the skunk sprayed the screen door and the house reeked. Went right over Boone's head and he was fine though. Took forever for that smell to go away and I thought I was gonna die for a few minutes--it's horrible.


jessica said...

Hi! New here. 3 yrs ago our standard poodle was protecting our back yard from a skunk. BUT it was our 17 yr old son who let her track thru the house and brought her up to our bedroom at midnight to wake us and ask what should be done. His common sense was no where to be found that night!!

Diane said...

Poor Dixie, she probably just wanted to chase the striped kitty.
Have a great mix that really works on skunk sprayed dogs too.
1 bottle hydrogen proxide with 1/4 cup Baking Soda then add 2 Tblspns of Dish Soap. Wash dog with this mixture and rinse with water.
My poor dog, Red was recently sprayed and after two washed smell was gone. Good Luck!