Sunday, January 27, 2013

How I Became an Alpaca Owner

Its started out very innocent like.  It was a simple question one of my students asked when they were researching information for their project on Latin America in the computer lab..
"Ms. Z., do you have llamas?" asked Riley.
"No, I do not, " I replied.
"Llamas are called the beast of burden in Latin America," Riley continued. "You should get one to help you out on the farm Ms. Z."
I smiled and rolled my eyes like 9th graders do and said, "I don't need any more animals Riley." 
"Hey, I saw alpacas once," Sarah chimed in. "How about alpacas Ms. Z?"
"Nope, no desire to own alpacas," I stated.
"What's an alpaca?" Hector asked.  "Show me one Ms. Z."
Of course, I pulled up a picture on Google of an alpaca to show Hector ............
This is NOT the picture I showed Hector 2 weeks ago.
This is a picture of Senor Nieves who was named by my Hispanic students because they told me I needed to name my new alpaca a Spanish name because they come from Latin America.
Nieves means snow in Spanish.  Senor Nieves is a 8 month old white Suri alpaca.  He was purchased as a fiber male by me because I don't know why. Because within 2 weeks after the initial conversation with my students, I got a bug up my butt and started looking at alpacas.  

Of course, I live 4 minutes from the largest alpaca farm in the United States, Magical Farms.   They have appromixately 1500 alpacas and it just so happened they had a few fiber males available, go figure.  I inquired about 2 of them and then a week later a very nice lady called me and told me she had them pulled up into the main barn if I would like to look at them..........and it just so happened that I was off on MLK day and I could make the long 4 minute ride over to see them.  And it just so happened she went to school where I am teaching and it just so happened she was so nice and answered my thousand questions and it just so happened I feel in love with 2 alpacas I said I would never ever own.
The medium brown/spotted one is a Huacaya alpaca.  He just turned one year old on the 16th and is so incrediblely soft!  I love his markings!  His name is to be determined as my students wanted a good picture of him to work on his Spanish name. 

They delivered the boys on Saturday afternoon and let me tell you there was lots of inquisitive animals on the farm.............
............if the animals could talk, I am sure there are lots of interesting comments going on!   I am going to keep the alpacas in a large stall for this week so I can get to know them and they can get to know me.  Senor Nieves is a tad skidish and defintitely needs some handling.  The Huacaya is going to be much easier and is already letting me put my hands on him.

How did I become an Alpaca owner?
I have no clue.
Stupid class assignment on Latin America.
Me and my ideas.


Jean said...

". . . it just so happened I fell in love with 2 alpacas I said I would never ever own."

Don't you hate when that happens?

Have fun -- they are beautiful!

Sharrie said...

It is just a fiber thing. That is no problem. They are fine looking!

jen said...

Well they are very cute and I really love their unique names sis. Still can't believe you now have Alpacas! Wish you would get a bug up your butt about getting a Newfie!

Barb said...

Oh My is a slippery slope!!! So happy you have slid on down it! They are lovely. Congratulations.

Michelle said...

Um, did you ever learn to spin and use up on that SHEEP WOOL you had stockpiled??? ;-)

ALSO's Cakes, Pastries and More said...

I was going to say the same thing as Michelle LOL Get Crackin! Or should I say Get Spinning! =)

Camryn said...

OH MY!!! Ok, you do need on in blue merle like Ms. Dixie :) So at least one more right? I am going to have to come out this summer to check them out and of course give Ms. Dixie hugs.

kristi said...

Thank you for stopping by! Sometimes I just end up eating my own words!

But these alpacas were much much cheaper than a Newfie is! Its all part of that "big plan" I have;)

Yes! Its a fiber thing...I think;)

Oh let me tell you how I slip and slid with my ideas!

Of course not! This is my motivation to start! I have to rationalize everything! Spinning wheel is next on the agenda!

What? One more? Dixie & Meesha are like 2 peas in a pod, they are like sisters gone wild & love playing with each other! You are always welcome to stop over and see everyone!

I need to quit teaching and stay home!! Not enough time for all of this!

Christine said...

You know I'm laughing my butt off, right? If I remember correctly you made a comment about my alpaca boys quite some time ago. I'm also laughing my butt off at Michele's comment. :)

They're like potato chips. Step away from the bag.

Stephen Andrew said...

I love reading your blog so much. How are things with little Meesha? I just got a new rescue puppy too :)

kristi said...

It was a total lapse is rational thinking! I did swear I would never own them!

Good to hear from you! Meesha is going to grow up to be a paper shredder....I have had to put my magazines in higher places! And then she discovered the basement steps..... good grief :) What kind of rescue puppy did you get?! Its such a great feeling to adopt a rescue puppy!

Stephen Andrew said...

Oh Meesha is just so cute. Haha yes, it seems puppy teeth have a mind of their own! I got a little Lab/Border Collie mix. She's jet black with five or six white hairs on her chest--I hope it turns into a little patch! She's also from Amish Country. I have a few pics of her on my blog. Good luck with those Alpacas! I'd love to have some too!