Thursday, December 27, 2012

What is a Mesha?

If animals on my farm talk, this is what the current conversation might be today......
"So Rutland, have you seen that ridiculous looking thing running around the farm lately?" Danby, the big white Romney wether asked.
"Oh, you must mean that pathetic looking thing in the red coat," replied Rutland,
"Oh my! This white stuff is pretty awesome!" exclaimed little Mesha.
"Those big mean things are saying mean things about me!" cried Mesha.
"What the crap is a "Mesha"? inquired Danby
"A "Mesha" is me you big white bully and it means "sheep" in Hindu but I don't know what that is but Mom says it also means "salvation" in Hebrew but I don't know what that it is either!"
"Oh, we got a smart one on our hooves now.....and they say sheep aren't smart," remarked Maya, "and this is coming from one who is wearing a sweater in the winter!  Hello?!?!? Who wears a stupid sweater with a snowman on it when you got wool......oh, my bag you just got that cheap fur!"
"Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me!  And anyways, everyone says I am cute & one day I am going to chase your wool butts all over this farm!"