Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Rescue Puppy for Christmas!!

Where shall I start?  Shall I blame it on the Hallmark Channel & all those stupid sappy Christmas movies that I have been watching that makes me wonder if I will ever experience that magical, small town Christmas or even meet the real Santa Claus one day?  Whatever it is, my heart has been feeling empty, probably that 45th birthday that I just had, but whatever it is, I have been wanting to find some real Christmas spirit, something to make me feel like I made a difference to someone or something during the holiday season.
It all began last Sunday I happened to be on the internet looking at Petfinder for no good reason and there she was..........
..........a litter of 7 rescue puppies, Corgi/Aussie mix puppies, the father was a purebred blue merel Australian Shepard & mom was a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  She was the spittin' image of my Dixie when she was a puppy.  I fell in love instantly and my fingers just started typing away.  They had just been posted that day by a rescue organization in Toledo, Ohio.  Both of my references were checked by Tuesday & by Wednesday I was having anxiety issues wanting to know if I was approved for adoption.  I had wrote I was interested in the smallest puppy in the litter, a blue merle female but when I finally was able to talk to one of the rescue coordinators on Thursday, she said they only had 2 males left in the litter and I had been approved for adoption.  My heart sank but I still wanted to bring a puppy home for the holidays.  So on Friday, my Dad and I drove up to pick out one of the males.

And, there she was, attempting to beat up her 2 bigger brothers and just barking her little head off.  The one my heart was set on.  Her original adoption fell through.  I could take her home if I still wanted her.  My heart filled  with joy!!  A little Christmas miracle had taken place!  And the 2 boys left would probably be adopted by the end of the weekend as the rescue had gotten flooded with applications for this rescue litter.

So what was her rescue story?  She was rescued from an Amish puppy mill about 40 minutes from my house.  As much as I enjoy going to Amish Country, I know that lurking around in that beautiful countryside, are notorious puppy mills. Her striking blue merle color is an eye catcher for puppy mill breeders.   The rescue organization coordinator said they are constantly battling with Amish puppy mills.  My sister at just did an informative post about buying from petstores & puppy mills.   
But this little girl not only has a home for the holidays but a home forever!  She is making new friends....Dixie is still giving her the once over ........

.......Alvin the cat is giving her cat greetings. 

There are a lot of friends to make here, sheep to meet, goats to tease, chickens to chase but thats okay, she is at her forever home and a little Christmas magic came into both of our lives. 
But now the hard part, we have to decide on a name.............