Sunday, August 19, 2012

My First Day of High School

Tomorrow is my first day of high school.
I will be a 9th grade teacher.
After 18 years of teaching 8th grade Social Studies, with an occasional 7th grade Social Studies class and English class, I am going to high school.
I have spent 18 years in the same building & changed my classroom only once, it was traumatic.
I brought 16 big plastic totes of "stuff" home at the end of school last year.
I took one tote to my new building.
I have taught American History, Colonies to Reconstruction for 18 years.
I am teaching Modern World History this year, one prep, five times a day.
If I would have stayed in 8th grade this year I would have had to teach 6th, 7th, & 8th Social Studies.
I don't really love World History like I love American History.
But change is good.
But I think my students will be taller than me.
I was the shortest one in the 8th grade for years, I stopped growing when I was 13,
ok well my height stopped, my butt got bigger.
I bought I new pair of shoes for school, canvas Polo shoes.
I colored my hair too.....its a bit blonder and it hides the "other" color.
I got a new lunch bag from LLBean too....I even had it monogrammed with my name on it.
I hope I can pronounce the kids names & know all 135 names in one week.
If they roll their eyes & smack their lips at me I can do it just as good cuz I was an 8th grader for 18 years!

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