Monday, July 16, 2012

Some Shady Sheep

Today I think is the millionth day of 90 plus degree weather here in Northeast Ohio.....ok, I am exaggerating.....its only the hundred thousandth day......see, I am delusional as the heat is getting too me and I keep hearing the price of hay go higher and higher ............

So, anyways, this spring there were 3 ewe lambs born.  Interestingly, they were all shades of brown.  I was going to name the girls Maya, Inca, & Aztec but I can't keep all 3 ewe lambs so I have NOT named them as 2 of them are for sale! The 3 girls are lots of fun and have claimed this big willow tree as their "shady place" to hang out.  About 5 years ago there was a pretty big ice storm and the tree split.  Needless to say, I have not cut the trunk that split off because it makes a nice bench to sit on.  Not too mention, its a massive willow tree that provides lots of shade for the animals on a hot summer day.

These are the twin ewe girls.  The mom is mioget and the girls are starting to show signs of turning from a dark shade of brown to the lighter mioget color.

This is the single ewe lamb.  I definitely think she will stay moorit.  Her dam is a black gulmoget and the sire is a flash white/black yuglet flecket ram.....go figure.  She is going to have the nice single coat like her dam.

Another "shady" shot of the twin ewe lambs.  The sun highlights the wool providing different hues of brown depending on the way one looks at it.

Here is my "shady" brown family.  Savannah is a wonderful mom but she has a bad habit of taking the lambs on little strolls as she lives on her own agenda not mine.  That causes little panic attacks for me but I pretty much have her strolling places pegged......thank goodness the neighbor is never home ;)

See, Savannah even has the shady glance as her ears must have heard me chatting about her!