Friday, July 6, 2012

Flowers for My Sister

The other day my sister paid a visit to the farm. Of course, she came to see me and the animals but she really wanted to get her birthday gifts!  Sister Jen is a great blogger over at My Brown Newfies, has numerous followers,  has won lots of awards for her blog, and is great with taking pictures.  She came armed with her camera and Pepsi because I am a Coke drink and do not allow Pepsi to contaminate my refrigerator.

She took lots of pictures of the animals but she really wanted to practice taking pictures of the flowers in the garden.  Her mission was to take a picture of bees on the flowers.  They must of known she was coming because the bees were nowhere to be found and she only got flies on the flowers :(  She was very disappointed.  I felt bad because she doesn't get out to my house often.  So later in the day I got my new camera and thought I would see what I could get for her...........

I got the bee on the approach to the beautiful cone flowers..........

..............and another cool shot of the bee approaching the coneflower! 
Please click on any of these pictures to see the details of the bees and the flowers!

I will be honest and tell you I said nasty words to my new camera trying to figure out which settings to use for the best pictures and there were LOTS of pictures that I took of the bees.

The bees were quite content going about their business as I took photos of them.  I even got lucky with 2 bees though the one is a tad blurry due to my amateur camera knowledge.

This picture is my favorite......what do you think sister Jen?
Jen is right though, the gardens and the animals are great places to practice using the camera. Of course, 98 degree weather is not the best time to practice. I like the evenings, around 7:00 or early in the morning.

Dixie wanted to let Aunt Jen know that she forgot to take pics of her!
You know, sometimes its just fun to have a cool sister to share things with!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mr. Patriotic Himself

Just recently I got a new Nikon Coolpix camera with a 26x zoom on it and all kind of fun features.  The animals have been my target of "practicing" with my new camera.  I happened to be sitting in the front yard the other and my cat Moo sat down by the practice time!

In all honesty, Moo is NOT loved by my family members. He bit my niece and nephew, my sister hates him for that; he slaps the sheep in the face if they get too close; he has bitten Dixie on the nose; and yes, he bit me once when I went to get the remote that he was laying on.

BUT, he has this attitude about him and well, this pissy cat look to him. Moo came on to the farm when a neighbor threw him out as a kitten because she got a puppy and liked the puppy more.  Of course, one can see how rational this former neighbor was.  Moo is now 10 years old and is healthy and full of piss and vinegar.

And he just made the best cat photo for me! 
Attitude and all........Mr. Patriotic Himself!

Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy July 4th!!!