Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Come See My New Greenhouse!!

 So before I get to not posting for almost 2 months, I will say in my defense, I have just been plain busy.  It has just been none stop since April.  So much to get caught up on and now that school is out for the summer, things will slowly start to get moving in a normal direction.  BUT let me show you the one thing that has become my latest obsession................

.......my new greenhouse!!!!  About a year ago I saw this at Mr. Troyer's business.  He is the Amish man who built my chicken coop and 2 other outbuildings.  I became obsessed with having one but I needed to work getting it into my budget.......so I had to wait about a year for it :(  Now I am a happy gardener as it was delivered in May! 
I put a very thick base of gravel down so it won't get messy from watering and the structure will remain solid on the ground.  The right side has a wood shelf for potting and working............
........and the left side has 2 rows of wire shelving for plants.  Its a work in progress on the inside as I am just gathering things to work on and deciding what I want to do.  The total greenhouse is 10x14 which at first I thought might be small but the size is just perfect for me and what I plan on doing.

There are 2 windows that slide open.  One in the back and one in the front door.  There are also 2 top vents which have a mercury spring on them so as the greenhouse heats up during the day, the vents start to open and then in the evening as it starts to cool down, they close! Pretty cool, huh?

This is the view from the back window so as I am fiddling around in the greenhouse I have a nice view of the barn and animals.

Up close, I can see how busy they are hanging out under the maple tree........

..............and even more up close I can see how enthusiastic they are about me and my greenhouse!  Actually they are most likely thinking why is that woman in that greenhouse when its 90 degrees outside and its probably well over 100 inside?! 

Yeah, it gets really warm inside the greenhouse in the summer sun but oh what fun it will be in the Fall and Winter for extending the growing season!
So, that is one of many things that are going on around Harvest Thyme....lots more to post in the upcoming days so please stop back!