Monday, April 23, 2012

A New Lamb in Town

Last Wednesday somebody really special was born...........

He is special because he was born to Abigail, one of my favorite ewes.  He was born first but unfortunately his twin was presented as a breech birth.  After a very heart wreching experience, I was unable to save his twin and I had to call the vet to come to the farm.  Abigail took a few days to recovery and I was quite concerned about her.  However, she and her little ram lamb are doing well today.  It has been an emotional experience for me the last few days.

Today I let them both out for some fresh air as Abby was getting restless in her stall.......

This little guy was quite curious about all the new surroundings and just didn't know which direction to go. I am just in love with his markings!!!!

I love sitting back and watcing new lambs explore and play.  My heart still breaks knowing that there should be one more out there playing but I am thankfull that I have Abby and her new lamb.

It always makes me smile watching how tolerant mom's are with their new lambs.  This little ram lamb has some nice size horn buds so he will become a wether in the next few months as I have a "No horn policy unless its a wether". 

Yeah, this little guy is kinda cute and already has a sense of humor.
Keeping with the theme of naming the Sheep after places in Vermont.....this little guy will be named.........Colchester ;)