Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pot of Chicken


Get it? Isn't that too funny? 
Okay, yes, I am having a mental breakdown.  Pressure is getting too me.  Anxiety is racking my brain.  Its day 3 of springbreak at school and snow pellets are hitting the windows of my house.  I have 4% propane left in my tank and I refuse to order propane and I have turned the heat off.  The beagles have called the Animal Protective League on me because it was too cold for them to get out of bed this morning.  I am sick and tired of covering the 2 apples trees I planted last year because there is another freeze warning.  Kidding season has ended and of 9 kids born, 7 have little balls on them.....good grief!  The mini-Lamancha doe and full Lamancha doe will be staying here due to the "imbalance" of does & bucks.  But if anyone would like a cute little mini Lamancha buck cheap....I am your hook up!

So much going on over here, I need to post more often but tis the season to be busy, to plan, to prepare, to drive myself crazy with ideas for the upcoming summer, and I hear there is going to be a guest appearance tomorrow........the flinging SUN is suppose to be out!!!!