Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leap Year Baby Goats!

Monday was day 146 for Sweet Pea.  Tuesday she preferred laying down to standing up.  Tuesday night the udder was definitely larger.  Wednesday morning at 3 am I went to the barn to check on her.  She was annoyed because I woke her up.  Three hours later she was banging on the stall gate because she was last to get her grain.  When I came home from school at 3:30 I heard her give a scream from the barn when I got out of the mini-van.  I hiked up my demin jumper and slugged through the mud in my rain boots to the barn thinking, "Oh, gosh, what am I going to find?" When I got to her stall, I got the "Where the hell have you been?" look.  A nose and a hoof were being presented but for how long was the question.  So I waited.  She pushed, yelled, I waited.  She stood up, looked around, looked at me as if to say, "Well, where are they?"  I shrugged my shoulders.  So after a few more scenerios like this, we finally coordinated and  got the first kid out.  Baby 2 came very quickly and she went into mother mode like a pro and I was dismissed by her as I no longer was needed.   

So these are the twin bucklings......ok, I know they are healthy, and I hate to be a downer but I REALLY WANTED A DOE FROM SWEET PEA CUZ SHE IS MY FAVORITE LAMANCHA AND SHE GAVE ME TWIN BUCKLINGS LAST YEAR!!!!!  IS THIS TOO FLIPPIN MUCH TO ASK FOR!?!?!?

They are mini-manchas.....gotta love the ears!  The ears are definitely Nigerian in characteristics and they both have waddles which are very cute!  I have nick named them "The Waddle Boys".

And as of day 2 they are very up close and personable babies!  Both of them will be offered as wethers to a loving pet home in the upcoming weeks:)

This is my prize pea.....Sweet Pea.  Please note this picture was the day after she had the babies.....okay so maybe she is "alittle" chunky......we might have to consider a "trim a goat diet" in the future;) 
Anyways, kinda fun to have leap year babies on the farm!