Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mine & Sassy's first Triplet Babies!

All was fine this morning, no signs given by Sassy that labor was forecoming.  Udder was same as it was yesterday and no signs that the babies had dropped.  Of course, this is coming from me, who didn't even know Sassy was pregnant until Thanksgiving. 
Off I went to with my parents to do some shopping down in Amish Country, came home, unloaded my goodies, started dinner, grabbed a bale of hay to start feeding, and there was a very tiny, newborn goat in the doorway of the barn and Sassy was very concerned he was not listening to her!!
Bale of hay was dropped, I scooped up the baby, and ushered Sassy into her "preplanned stall" which I did already have the heat lamps ready to go.  I got him under the lamps right away and Sassy became content.  I made sure her milk was flowing and I finished the feeding.

A good hour had passed and Sassy was still looking very large.  She has always had twins so I ws pretty sure another was due.  Contractions started after 20 minutes and she pushed out, with some assistance from me, a very large buck.  He was easily double the size of the first buck (he is the one stretched out below looking for his legs) and I "knew" she was done.

I got her a nice hot bucket of water with some Karo syrup in it which she sucked down right away and she minded her babies.  I checked on dinner, closed up the other barn, and within 15 minutes I was back to check on Sassy and I noticed a presntation of 2 hooves!  Straight up honest, I freaked.  Triplets have never been born here.  I was not prepared.  I ran to get more towels.  I ran back.  Sassy was not up to pushing.  Finally she got the head out and then the shoulders and then I did the rest. And it was a little doe, spittin' image of Sassy!  She helped clean up and was just a busy, tired, goat and so was I darn it!

I am sure I will be up all night to check on her and the babies.  Probably should just grab a blanket and get cozy by a heat lamp.  Next goat due is Sweet Pea  and I have those dates on the calendar cuz I was in charge of that breeding!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jerk. Idiot. Hater.

It was 5 degrees this morning with a wind chill below zero.  And where was Ripton? At first I thought he was down in the, no, the jerk had put a nice size hole in the woven wired fence and was standing on the other side with 4 ewes around him.  Idiot.

Oh, he was proud of his wooly self and has a nice red nose to show how hard he worked at that fence (which did have a weak spot but I thought perhaps he would just not notice it....stupid me).  So I fed everyone, got the corded drill and extension cord because why would have I charged the cordless drill, dragged an 8 foot 2x16 piece of wood from the other barn back to the mess, fixed the fence hole, then got Ripton's wooly butt and put him back in his proper home. 
He gave me the " I am going to do it again if I don't get laid look".  Jerk.  Idiot. 

I knew he would too.  I had no plans on breeding any sheep this year, afterall its January and that would mean end of May I guess I might have May babies now.  Miss Bittersweet, who has never been bred and is now 4 years old (she has the white blaze) was chosen and so was Savannah, she went unwillingly because Jed is actually her ram of choice.   

Ripton is not getting any more answer.  My sheep breeding was suppose to take a rest this year.  So much for my plans.