Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tis' My Favorite Time of Year!

Well, since my last post was when school started and the first marking period is over next week, I figured perhaps I should update my blog............
Seriously, Autumn is my favorite time of year and I have just been nonstop busy and every time I open my laptop to start a post I end up falling asleep. 

For example, I took this picture a few weeks ago as evident by the lack of color on the maple trees which are now starting to show beautiful autumn colors.

This is one of my favorite mums that is still blooming!
I took a few days off from school to make a trip up to Vermont to see the beautiful Fall colors......however, it rained everyday I was there..........

My parents tagged along on the trip.....seriously, these senior citizens have nothing better to do than hang around with their kids:)  We spent an afternoon in Woodstock Vermont enjoying the beautiful surrounding........

I finally got to go to the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival.....of course I was hoping to enjoy the atmosphere of Tunbridge and the Green Mountains that surround the fairgrounds.  Yep, it was raining and I got to enjoy the clouds hiding all the Fall Foliage......there is always next year!!
I did get a moment to watch the border collie herding the sheep.  Since I was going up to the wool festival, I packed up almost 35 pounds of white Cotswold and Romney wool to have processed into roving from Zeilingers. I should be getting that back in about 7 weeks.  My parents and I also went over to Norwich Vermont to see the new King Arthur Bakery......would have taken a picture but it was POURING RAIN!  But we both got lots of awesome baking flour and mixes.  Definitely, a must stop when one goes to Vermont!

Overall, the trip to Vermont was relaxing and my parents and I had a great time.......the state of Vermont is by far my favorite place to visit!  Oh, how I think of just packing it all up and heading up there to live!

The sunflowers are long gone but I thought I would share this picture of them in all of their Autumn glory!
I couldn't resist buying this flag, it just puts a smile on my face everytime I look at it
It simply sums up all the fun and beauty that Autumn brings to everyone!


Barb said...

Your trip looked lovely even through the rain. How was the Vermont Sheep and Wool Fest? The one here in Wisconsin is my most favorite event of the year. For four days I am just giddy. I have to agree with you on your favorite season. I love the colors, the fragrance in the air, the cool temps, the cozy feelings I get, etc. Yes, I love Fall, too.

Camryn said...

Love the pix, I've skied in Vermont and loved it. Never been in the fall though. Riding horses thru covered bridges by the way "Awesome"!

jen said...

It's looking pretty cute out there in the country! Maybe one day I'll get out there to witness it in person!

Great pic of the old folks:)))I can't believe I missed that covered bridge, which looks just like the one in the MetroParks! lol!

Stephen Andrew said...

I tried to post a comment the other night but it must not have gone through (internet was spotty due to that crazy wind!) but I was happy to see a post from you! I have checked often. Hope you've settled into the school year well. I'm sure VT in the rain was still gorgeous--and probably got rid of a lot of the crowds! Even better!

kristi said...

The Wool Fest was great! Lots of good ideas..just need to find time to work on all of my ideas!

So you are a skier!?! You have many hidden secrets.....;)

I will not hold my breath on you coming out....whatever, you just are afraid to spend that much time with your mother;)

Thank you for remembering me! Life has just gotten a tad crazy but I am become quite the 9th grader! Of course, my students drilled me on where I was! I love Vermont regardless of the rain....maybe one day I shall make it there without rain!