Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Scoops in the Coop!

Three years ago I purchased the chicken coop and it quickly became my pride and joy on the homestead.  I love the red metal roof and the sound of the rain as it hits it.  Its like its own little house in the garden area.

When I purchased the greenhouse in June, I just so happened to notice a few new features that Mr. Troyer, the Amish man I have been buying my barns from, had added to the chicken coop design.

The first was this very nice 8x8 enclosed pen................ much nicer than the ghetto chicken wire set up I put up.  It has a nice walk in door and it looks so much nicer!  Of course, I ordered my self......I  mean I ordered one for the girls!

The next addition was a new wall inside the coop.
Before when I walked into the chicken coop the chickens were right there but now when I walk into the coop there is a wall too divide their space and my space....... the girls now have a nice 4 hole nesting box that I can just open up and gather the eggs! I can keep all of their feed right in the coop now and I don't have to worry about escapees when I open the door! 
Good grief,  I have invested a good amount of money in this chicken coop but its just so fun to have on the farm.

Of course, the girls think they are well worth the money which I wouldn't argue if they layed eggs all year round instead of cutting me off in December!!

On a side note these beautiful sunflowers opened up the other day in the garden; a nice addition to the welcoming of August and hopefully some cool weather!


Michelle said...

Those are sure sweet chicken digs! My chickens obviously live on the OTHER side of the tracks....

Camryn said...

Heck I live on the OTHER side of the tracks compared to your coop!

Sandy said...

Love it!

Barb said...

You've set the bar very high, my dear.....VERY HIGH!!! I will not show these pix to my girls. The 8 of them are giving me just two eggs a day if I'm lucky. I will get none if they see these digs. Again...coveting......sigh.