Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Little Wool Show

This past week was our county fair.  I entered two categories this year:  photography and wool.  I will not be discussing the results of the first category as it was a "learning" experience for me and my sister, who should have clearly won on one of her entries but I am not the "expert judge".  So, I will move on to the second category I entered, the wool show. 

Last year I entered Essex's wool in the White Spinners AOB category and she took a blue ribbon. This year, she got another blue ribbon in the same category!  Yippee!  I am pretty excited about this because the person who took second in AOB actually got the Grand Champion Fleece overall for another fleece and he is a pretty big sheep breeder in the area.

Essex was quite modest when I told her about the big win.....okay, I will be honest, I don't think she likes me much.  She never wants to talk with me unless I have grain.  But that will change because I am going to breed her for the first time to TJ, my black Cotswold ram.  Little baby Cotswolds in the spring would be great!

Above is Danby, my white Romney wether from Vermont.  Danby likes me now, I think he was mad that I took him from the beautiful green mountains of Vermont.  Honestly, I would have been mad at me too but Vermont and I are still hoping for the winning lotto ticket to move the farm up there.

Danby took a third place ribbon in the White Spinners AOB category!  Yippee! We got some representation at the fair!  I have both Essex's and Danby's wool from last year.  I am thinking of blending them and have having them processed into yarn.  Any suggestions for the wool? Doing just roving was the other idea.  I hang my head in shame as I admit I do not know how to spin yet:( 

This is baby Colechester.  Actually, he is a big, chunky baby and a total goof.  He is the only grey kat Shetland that I have.  He is not single coated and has a longer staple but boy is it soft to the touch.....in my opinion of course.

Its looking pretty nice in there! 

So that is my little wool show for now!  I. Have. So. Much. Flipping. Wool.
I need to get it sold, make things with it, learn to spin it, market it.........oh, heck, I just need to quite my job and live my dreams!!!  
Sometimes, I just get so delusional......must be that lack of rain and too much sun this summer...........


jen said...

Congratulations on your award winning fleece sis! Now if only I could you to make me something from it:)

Camryn said...

Awesome wins! Congrats.