Sunday, August 19, 2012

My First Day of High School

Tomorrow is my first day of high school.
I will be a 9th grade teacher.
After 18 years of teaching 8th grade Social Studies, with an occasional 7th grade Social Studies class and English class, I am going to high school.
I have spent 18 years in the same building & changed my classroom only once, it was traumatic.
I brought 16 big plastic totes of "stuff" home at the end of school last year.
I took one tote to my new building.
I have taught American History, Colonies to Reconstruction for 18 years.
I am teaching Modern World History this year, one prep, five times a day.
If I would have stayed in 8th grade this year I would have had to teach 6th, 7th, & 8th Social Studies.
I don't really love World History like I love American History.
But change is good.
But I think my students will be taller than me.
I was the shortest one in the 8th grade for years, I stopped growing when I was 13,
ok well my height stopped, my butt got bigger.
I bought I new pair of shoes for school, canvas Polo shoes.
I colored my hair too.....its a bit blonder and it hides the "other" color.
I got a new lunch bag from LLBean too....I even had it monogrammed with my name on it.
I hope I can pronounce the kids names & know all 135 names in one week.
If they roll their eyes & smack their lips at me I can do it just as good cuz I was an 8th grader for 18 years!

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Barb said...

Good Luck, My Dear!!!!! You will be fine and I'll send all sorts of good energy, light and love your way. (Please write a report (via blog) about your first day. It won't be graded! :O) )

kristi said...

Thank you! The teachers at my new building said the 9th graders are basically like 8th graders till about April so I will have no problem adjusting! I have lots of sick days if I need them;)

Sharrie said...

Good luck with everything, especially the names. I always tried to do that the first week, too. Will be looking forward to your report on the first day.

ALSO's Cakes, Pastries and More said...

Good Luck today!!

Makes me remember my first days of the school years lol.

What grades are at your school now? It use to be 6-8 when I went there I think.

Camryn said...

Good luck, I really don't envy you AT ALL!!! If you need an Iraqi Veteran to come speak to the class let me know. I'll happily volunteer Chris :) I'm just guess it's a part of Modern World History.

kristi said...

I envy your retirement....mine seems so far away!

Mooney is K-8 now, I think its been like that for at least 6 years, I liked all middle school better. I am at the John Marshall
9th grade academy, W.130th & Lorain. I am looking forward to the change!

I may take you up on that later in the year! And Dixie is NO little angel!!!

ALSO's Cakes, Pastries and More said...

Oh Wow- I thought you were still at Mooney ... LOL my bad

Dave Lewis said...

Having had over 5000 students the first 10 years of teaching, my name sense was completely gone after 34 years. I took the time to take pictures of all of my kids and paste them into the seating charts. Even for a break as short as Christmas, I had to memorize them all over again and the pictures were a great help.

Good luck!!

AC in the new building?