Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Vacation Part 1

Summer vacations for me don't come easy.  As a teacher I do get summers off but actually trying to plan a vacation to leave my house and farm is a whole different story. Its a lot of work and planning to leave for a few days, let alone a week.  But this summer an opportunity came up and I just had to make it work....for me and the animals.

So after much anxiety, lecturing the farm animals on being good for the babysitter, telling the cats not to destroy the house, telling the dogs to have good manners at Grandma & Grandpa's house and not to bark too loud cuz the neighbors live literally right next door in the suburbs, I dropped them off and hit the road.

Since I just happened to be heading towards the east coast, particularly the New England area, I had the perfect excuse to spend an overnight and a day in Vermont. I scoped out some land that the sheep & goats might enjoy living on once I win the lottery and can move here.........

.........there were definitely some prospects to consider..........

............ for example I really like this area that runs along the Battenkill River. I don't believe this farm was for sale however :( was not for sale!

Well, its always good to dream and if I make the trip back up for the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festivel at the end of September, perhaps my parents will give me the money to buy some land......ok, that will not be happening any time within the next thousand years especially after my beagle Squirt works them over for the week.

Each time I stop up in Vermont I like to go to Bennington Pottery to add something to my collection. This year I got the muffin and cassarole pieces.....I might have a complete set by the time I am 80 years old......its beautiful pottery but very expensive:) 
On Sunday I headed out to my next destination....... it was established in 1701 and so far its a pretty cool place but too many one way streets for me!!!
More details forth coming............


Sharrie said...

I don't think there is any way to leave a farm for a vacation no matter how short. I thought teachers just sat around all summer with their feet up. (joke) I remember how much there was to get done in the summer each year. Enjoy!

kristi said...

Oh you are so right! Actually I am this "vacation" to earn credit hours to renew my teaching certificate! I had to work a little R&R into!