Monday, March 12, 2012

A Farm Break

Now I hope you were not thinking I was going to write about getting a break from farm chores like animal antics, breeding, feeding, etc.......because anyone who has a farm knows that this time of the year is heading into crazy time!  Things are nonstop right now and bouncing baby goats are like kids gone wild.

Yep, enter Lil' Dewy here.  Dewy didn't think I had enough to do so in his quest to be Supergoat with leaping abilities that would make Superman envious, he decided to do "gosh only knows what" with his lil 2.5 month ole'self and he came up lame Saturday afternoon.

I monitored him, noticing he could stretch his back right leg out but was not putting any weight on it.  All day Sunday I kept an eye on him and was pretty sure there was a break where the hoof comes into the lower leg (forgive my lack politically correct osteology words).  My plan was to take him to the vet after school on Monday.  However, my favorite goat vet just so happened to call me Sunday night to reschedule a dehorn appointment during the week so I of course had to ask her about Dewy.  She so graciously said I could just drop him off before I went to school on Monday morning....those little perks of having worked at the vet for 7 years does come in handy!

And I was correct, Dewy had the break that I predicted!  Of course, the vet gave me the correct vet lingo but those were too big of words for my MA in history to handle which is why I was only a front office person at the vet and only-in-a-pinch help in the back surgery area! But hey, I learned a lot working at the vet!   I have to take Dewy back in 2 weeks to check the splint.  He is doing fine but will have to spend time in a stall with a buddy for now.  He is basically weaned off of his mom (who is glad to be done nursing triplets) so at least he won't have separation anxiety! 

So what I need is a real farm break to get my seed order done!  Harvest Thyme is really going green this year....what to I show you my last idea!!!


Camryn said...

I thought someone had tried to break out LOL. So glad the lil guy is going to be OK. I'm calling in a favor at the Vet office I worked for in the morning LOL. Does come in handy, and no it's none of the Cardigans!
Oh, and since Camryn took over my blog, the messages I send are from her kind of!

jen said...

Ohhh...I heard about this from Mom!
Hope the little munchkin is doing better. He can come stay here if he needs a safer home:)))

Nancy K. said...

Poor baby~!errrybric leland