Sunday, February 5, 2012

Crazy Daisy's Twin Kids!

There is always seems to be one animal on the farm that the thought of them being pregnant, let alone being a mother, brings a feeling of dread.  Such was the case with Crazy Daisy who jumped the fence and then jumped the other fence to get in with the bucks....that would be 3 bucks she was with in September.  She was NOT Mother of the Year last year.  In fact, she made me so mad that she didn't want to nurse her kid that I felt like having a mad crying fit and selling her off, but since a paid $400 for her, I rethought my moment of anger.  Last Wednesday night, after feeding, and showing no signs of being in labor, Daisy gave birth to twins.  Of course I did not know this because at 6 o'clock I went into the house for dinner and as I walked to the barn at 8 that evening to shut the light off I heard a piercing cry of a baby as I walked back to the barn.

And as I came tearing into the barn, I noticed my miniature horse Speedy with a hoof on a newborn goat,  the one pictured above. She was in the first stall in the barn. And where the hell was Daisy?  Oh, in the other corner of the barn with another newborn!  Mother of the Year at it again!  With one baby cradled in my arm, I moved Speedy out of the stall, layed the baby down, grabbed the other baby and put it in the stall and ushered Mother of the Year into the stall.  Of course, Speedy was right there being her nosy self as I closed the gate.  By now my heart was caught somewhere in my throat, praying both babies were okay.  Both were still pretty wet so I took my sweatshirt off to clean them up. I climbed over the stall to steal Sassy's babies heat lamp for the time being and got the new babies under the lamp. 

Once I felt things were relatively under control, I got fresh straw layed down and flipped out on Daisy who was very much involved in eating the fresh straw.  I made sure her milk was flowing and moved the babies to start nursing.  I was not in the mood for anything stupid from her and was prepared for the worse case scenerio, as a matter of fact, I had already purchased bottles and nipples for bottle babies.  She was hesitant at first but then she became the mother she was suppose to be!!

Above is Daisy's chocolate and white buckling........

..............this is Daisy doing what she did not do last year!

And again, nursing without me having to have major fits of frustration like last year! 
And her little doe kid is almost marked exactly like her!  

The little buckling is very nicely marked..........

......and lil' doe daughter, gotta love those spots!

So my chaotic Wednesday night has resolved itself and Daisy is being a good mom and the babies are doing very well on day 4! Never, ever dull around here.  Sweet Pea is due in about 2 weeks, she was a good first year mom last year so I am keeping my fingers crossed.  Hopefully, this week will be a little calmer!  


Camryn said...

They are way to adorable. Love the markings on them. Maybe in two years??? Hubby actually mentioned perhaps getting a place with more "drier" property!!!

Michelle said...

So can you figure out who the daddy was? They sure are cute!

ALSO's Cakes, Pastries and More said...

Ms Z!! You are going to fall over, I thought of you and Mr Mccullough the other day and figured I would google you and there you were. =) I didn't see a contact button (I don't think I have on on my blog either) So I figured I would comment. This is Angela Scarcelli from your 7th grade 96-97 class.
Here's my email, hopefully I don't get totally spammed for putting it out there haha.