Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jerk. Idiot. Hater.

It was 5 degrees this morning with a wind chill below zero.  And where was Ripton? At first I thought he was down in the, no, the jerk had put a nice size hole in the woven wired fence and was standing on the other side with 4 ewes around him.  Idiot.

Oh, he was proud of his wooly self and has a nice red nose to show how hard he worked at that fence (which did have a weak spot but I thought perhaps he would just not notice it....stupid me).  So I fed everyone, got the corded drill and extension cord because why would have I charged the cordless drill, dragged an 8 foot 2x16 piece of wood from the other barn back to the mess, fixed the fence hole, then got Ripton's wooly butt and put him back in his proper home. 
He gave me the " I am going to do it again if I don't get laid look".  Jerk.  Idiot. 

I knew he would too.  I had no plans on breeding any sheep this year, afterall its January and that would mean end of May I guess I might have May babies now.  Miss Bittersweet, who has never been bred and is now 4 years old (she has the white blaze) was chosen and so was Savannah, she went unwillingly because Jed is actually her ram of choice.   

Ripton is not getting any more answer.  My sheep breeding was suppose to take a rest this year.  So much for my plans.


melanie said...

That's why they make burdizzos. Behavior mod for the horny ram and satisfaction for the pissed off shepherdess.

Tammy said...

And that is why I'm enjoying an (almost)ram free existence on the farm these days! I still have my old (10 year) merino ram but I can finally almost control him, since he has slown down considerably. I hope your rotten boy stays put and that you don't have too many babies this year. I did put five ewes to a borrowed ram (one I raised a couple years ago), but not sure how many are bred. It was nice to send him on his way home before he got further ideas!
Hang in there...and Melanie has a good point. :-)

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Naughty! We're ram-free here too. My lady says we goats are bad enough so she has only wee Tuuli and wethered Wickery. We don't have "real" boy goats either, which I sometimes regret. I mean, really! I want to twinkle my tail and talk and there is NO ONE to listen! Harumph.

My lady says those are really cute rams (even if they are naughty).

Foothills Poultry said...

You have animals and you made plans for them? What a silly human you are. LOL ;)

kristi said...

I hear you but fortunately for him his mom was from Sheltering Pines & I lost her last year. So lucky for him, I do want to use him a few times to preserve the line that I paid lots of money for a few years back!

So good to hear from you! Can't wait to see some lambs at your farm this spring! You know the stress is so less when there is no breeding going on!

Yes intact boys are a pain and I so prefer the good natured wethers, goats or sheep!!

kristi said...

I know, what was I thinking that I was in control of the whole farm?!