Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gangster Sisters

Let me introduce you to the gangster sisters.........

....... Belvidere & Bristol.  10 month old, twin Shetland ewe lambs that prey on innocent playmates.

Bristol, taking a sheep charge at innocent Dixie who came out to play on a snowy winter day.

Belvidere taking a shot at Dixie!  

The gangster sisters planning their next stategy in the snow play game. 

Going in for the big attack, figuring if they double team quick Dixie they can take her down and roll her in the snow for the win!

Dixie, " Can you believe those gangster sisters Bethel?  They are like sheep gone wild!"
Bethel," I know, they give sheep a bad name, such a shame!"
Dixie, "Are you going to join their gang?"
Bethel," No, my momma said those kinda girls are bad news, kinda like the black sheep in the family."
Dixie," Hey that was kinda funny, their black sheep....your a white sheep.....too funny!"
Bethel," I know, I'm cool like that."


Camryn said...

Tell Dixie to let those mean sheep know that Momma Promise will come bust up their gang!
Oh, some Cardi content over on our blog

Christine said...

All my girls are going crazy with this weather. They love it. The two little ones are a hoot to watch. They get Shirley, the biggest, fattest sheep to chase them. It is a riot.