Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 3 for the Triplets!

Today was the big 3 day for the triplets......the 48 hr, hold one's breath zone, passed and I am relaxing a little more.  Everyone is nursing well, they got their BoSe shot yesterday, and today little personalities started coming out.

I try not to pass judgement or be partial with the kids, but seriously....ain't she a cutie?! I didn't even get a blood curdling scream from her when I picked her up today.  Usually the girls tend to be fussy screamers, but so far she is not.

Everyone up for the mid day stretch..............

.......opps, how did she get in the picture again?!?!

Sassy is so patient when the babies start climbing all over her.  The littlest boy likes to sprawl out on top of her and claim the throne.  I think he is weighing in just over a pound or 2!

Check out those lil' elf ears.  I was thinking because of the very Nigerian like markings, that Texas was the sire and they would be full Nigerians.  However, those ears might be indicating someone else is the sire making them mini-manchas.   I actually really like the qualities of the mini-manchas based on the 2 does born last year that are mini-manchas.  Wonderful personlities!

The 2 little boys will definitely be for sale as for the doe......well I refuse to name her, well at least not right now I am not naming her.


Michelle said...

I would definitely blame those ears on the La Mancha buck! I'll be the mini-Mancha does make dandy milkers!

Christine said...

Oh yeah, those are La Mancha babies. So cute!

Camryn said...

Now if I could only convince the Hubs we need to move to a bigger place :) Those guys are to darn cute

kristi said...

I am hoping they will be! I really do like many ideas!

Good to hear from you! Are you sure you don't need one?;)

You tell your "Mom" to get over here & pick the 2 boys up! Goats are great buddies for a single horse like yourself & since these are "mini's" they will take up less room so technically Hubs doesn't even have to move!

kristi said...
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Rayna said...

<3 Elf ears!!