Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Very Muddy Christmas!!!

Is it just me or are there more people looking for some holiday cheer?  To say that the weather has been insanely uncooperative is an understatement.  Now I am not complaing about not having snow.  Believe me, I am totally fine with no snow.  The first dusting snow was a 2 weeks ago and yesterday there was some.  What I am complaining about is this ridiculous mud!  Good grief!  Is there any Christmas song titled, "Muddy Christmas"?  My barn is like its own little island surrounded by mud.

It needs to freeze and stay frozen till mid-March.  Sheep & goats are sinking, I am sinking in it and as for the dogs...................

.........well Dixie just loves it!  Nothing like a good romp and mole dig in the muddy fields!
I try to find humor in the mud,  usually throwing in a few swear words to add to the humor.  

I refer to this as "Mud Alley".  Its stretch of land between the house and garden area and the big barn.  Its a high traffic area and a muddy mess.  But have faith, there is rain in the forecast this week!
Last day of school is the 22nd which sucks but I don't back till January 9th.  In order to bring some cheer to this Muddy Christmas, I bought myself a 46 inch flat screen TV and a new HP laptop to enjoy when I come in from outside covered in mud.  The laptop was actually a necessity because the old laptop was causing issues in regards to my mental health and the last straw was when I eyed up the laptop with the sliding glass door and rationalized my home owners deductible and the cost of a new laptop.  I took the more mature route & bought a new laptop.  The flat screen TV was a total spoiled  "I want a Christmas gift for me only" move.  The flat screen does wonders for my mental health however, its good therapy, calms my nerves, helps me reconnect with my inner self.

So I hope everyone has a good rush of a week before Christmas and for all the readers who stop by and understand farm & mud......."Muddy Christmas" to you!