Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Seriously, I Have a Good Excuse

Tisk, tisk for being a bad blogger. HOWEVER, let me put it into perspective. I have been back to school for a month now.  My colleagues and I put our class lists together at the beginning of school based on what we knew our 7th graders learned, how they learned, and how they interacted with each other last year as 7th graders.  Anyone with common sense knows socialization is a huge factor in middle school hormonal state of mind. So our 7th graders became our 8th graders and we were off to a great start. These class lists lasted 2 weeks. See the test scores came back and everyone knows that test scores are the most important thing in education today and because the powers that be said so.......SO we had to dismantle the class lists and do everything by the all powerful test scores. HOWEVER, these class lists only lasted 2 weeks because then the school district had staffing calls and based on our enrollment, which is way down from last year, our building lost 12 teachers. Sigh. Disgust. *#@! And yes, our third new class list in one month of school. Oh, and progress reports are due on Monday. And what progress would that be?
Oh, I am hearing little voices in my head.

Needless to say I have been busy and seeking solice and therapy however, my solice and therapy on the farm consists of this.....

......horny bucks that are driving me nuts............

.....and screaming does who want some action from the wrong buck.  Seriously, I am loosing my mind.

At least there are craft shows to release my inner anger.  I picked up this cute ladder and birdhouse combo for $29 last weekend.

Now I would like to tell you my barn is stocked with winter hay but its not. 
My single male neighbor planted a hay field last year because he was going to get horses but he fell in love (males are so pathetic sometimes) so he bought a boat and Harley instead of horses. A friend of his took 1st cuttings off the field but it was late cuts so my love lost neighbor said my sheep could graze on the field as much as they want in return for me taking care of his dog when he is away in love and working.  The power of a woman, gotta love it. Needless to say, my sheep are looking pretty chunky going into October.
So, thats my life in a nutty shell......gotta go now.....the voices are talking to me.