Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Blue Ribbon for Wool!

This past week was my local county's fair.  Every year I say I am going to enter something in the fair and I never do.  Either I forget the deadline date or I just say, "Oh forget it." This year I was on top of it and entered 2 fleeces: a white Cotswold and a black Cotswold fleece.  Now of course since Cotswold is a rare breed and not the "typical" sheep breed one would find at the fair, I was not holding my breath for anything great but one could always hope. 
On Thursday evening my good friend Veronica, who I don't know why we are good friends after 20 years cuz she does not even own a goldfish, ventured to the fair for yummy eats and to enjoy the atmosphere ( and so I could show her how to pet a farm animal :).
The sheep and wool show was on Wednesday and to my surprise this is what I found:

In the "White, Handspinner AOB" category, Essex, my beautiful white Cotswold ewe from Nistock Farm in NY won a 1st Place Blue Ribbon!!!  I was just too darn excited!!!!!

Of course when I told Essex the exciting news, she just took it in stride.

I got a third place ribbon for Ethan's fleece in the "Black-natural colored fleece" category and I was pleased with that too!

Ethan's fleece weighed in at just over 13# this year! One of the reasons was because I sheared in June due to the lack of cooperation in the weather.  Depending on the length of their wool locks in October, I may have all the Cotswolds sheared then.
Of course next year I am going to enter my best Shetland wool too and maybe even a Romney fleece also.
But for now, I am pretty excited about that blue ribbon!