Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Usage for a Lawn Chair

Doesn't matter what kind of "kid" you have, they seem to find new ways to use an object that was not labeled for that usage they discovered.  Take 5 month old mini-Mancha Gwen...........

Now who would have thought this lawn chair could be used as a means to elevate a goat to reach the leaves on a maple tree?  Not I but Gwen did.  I have to give her credit, she has perfect position, nice sleek lines, and she never flipped the lawn chair over. 

I had to laugh because Sweet Pea, my 3 year old LaMancha, mother to twin bucklings this year, appears to be taking a motherly role by scolding Gwen and telling her that is not a good idea and she needs to get down.
However, knowing Sweet Pea, she was probably thinking, "Dang, I should have thought of that first!"

Oh this summer is going to be full of "kids" having fun!  I need to get my sales page updated this weekend and get some of these goat kids posted. 
Off to Amish Country on Friday to get some goodies!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Goat with View

Eleven years I purchased my first farm animal, a 3 month old Nigerian Dwarf wether that I named "Cubbie". Needless to say, one goat snowballed into a lot more but Cubbie knows he is my favorite, hands down. The day after school let out for summer break, I was sitting in the screened-in-porch having a bowl of cereal after I did morning chores and I heard hooves coming up the stairs on the deck. 
I just started cracking up because I knew exactly who it was.

Every summer for I don't know how long, Cubbie assumes the position of deck sitting.  He eats breakfast then meanders himself up to the deck and hangs out there for as long as he sees fit. He never bothers the plants or flowers on the deck, he just hangs out.

Why Cubbie is inclined to sit on the deck, I will never know.  Maybe its the shade, the flies aren't there to bother him...............

........maybe its the view, maybe he is looking over his domain as he knows he is "farm favorite" and "top animal" and he can get away with it.  Regardless, it puts a smile on my face every time I see him hanging out on the deck, just enjoying the summer.  Darn goats, I just love their sense of enjoying life!