Thursday, June 9, 2011

Entering Summer Detoxic

The past few weeks I have been wound a little on the tight side. If it wasn't raining, I was cutting the lawn.  If I wasn't cutting the lawn, I was trying to work in the garden.  If I wasn't in the garden, I was trying to grade piles of papers.  If I wasn't grading papers, I was fallin asleep on the couch.  My superwoman powers were not working.  But as of today, school is over.  All students are back with their parents to drive them nuts. And I have entered my summer detoxic program: a time to reattach my head to the rest of my body, a time to not run around like an idiot doing a thousand things at once, a time to read a book for fun, a time to read last year's Fall garden/farm magazines so I can have ideas for this year, and maybe even sleep in a late to see how annoyed I can make the animals;)
Why detoxic?  Lets original class roster in August was approximately 125 students (spread over 5 classes).  By the end of the year approximately 45 students had been added to my class lists.  Notice: just students were added.  No additional teachers came and very few students left.  Where did they come from?  Well, some got kicked out of their original school for various interesting reasons; some were coming out of juvy or rehab.....some left me to go to juvy; some were moving to where their parents could afford to live; some were being shuffled around between custody issues; some were moving in with relatives because their parents lost their homes: some were home schoolers who were failing homeschooling or the parents got sick of them being home.....these are the top reasons.  Believe me, there are more reasons.  Don't get me wrong, I love teaching.  This was a very, very trying year however. I could write a whole othere blog on just teaching stories.  And next year?  Gee, with all the budget cuts, I'll be starting out with a 40:1 ratio....per class.  Yes, that is 40 students to one of me. 

My detoxic is just being home, spending lots of time with the animals, trying to find a little relaxtion and trying to figure out what it means to be "bored".   Emma is not about to be bored.  She is all about her cute little self and creating havoc for her mom. 

My yard work has become a little more challenging.  Why I do this to myself I have no idea.   I ordered 5 yards of premium topsoil for more raised garden beds and then added in 2 yards of river rock for some garden paths (more posts on that later).  All of this was delivered last Saturday at 6:45 am.  I got some of it moved on Saturday but with the heat this week, it wasn't happening.  But have no fear, the "kids" have been playing king of the mountain on the $200 pile of dirt all week!!

And then of course, when I decide to do some work, this is what happens.  Oh, those kids are such good little helpers!

I think my beagle ReRun has the right idea on summer detoxic:  lay down in the grass and hope someone comes along to give you a belly rub.