Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I See DC

Life is moving pretty quickly around here! Last week I was in Washington DC with my 7th and 8th grades.  I thought I'd share a few highlights with you.

Our first stop was a group photo at the Capital.  It rained the whole way through Pennsylvania. The kids could barely make out the mountains through the fog.  When we got into DC, a 6 hour drive from Cleveland, we were greeted with temps in the upper 70's and the sun!

The first day we went to the National Archives and the Smithsonians.  After dinner we walked through FDR Memorial and then over to the Jefferson Memorial......a favorite of mine!!

Day 2 went to the Marine Corp Museum, Mount Vernon, Lincoln Mermorial, World War II Memorial, and Medieval Times for dinner.  The picture above was the kids relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the World War II Memorial. 

Okay, so occassionally I like to get a picture of myself doing something fun on the trip.  At the Marine Corp Museum (a total must see if you ever get to DC) they had these uniform things to get your picture taken in.  So I asked my colleague to take a picture of me.  Well it took her forever to get the picture cuz she was laughing so hard because I didn't have to bend over to get my picture taken.....I just walked up to it.  Then of course some of the students saw me and came over to get a picture of me so I am sure I am plastered on someone's Facebook account cuz they too thought it was so funny.  Hey I think I look good in uniform!!!

The students visited my one of my favorite places......George Washington's Mount Vernon!  I love this place!

A pic of me and my awesome colleagues who ventured to Washington DC for the first time with me and the students.......and they loved it!!!  Wait till I tell them about my plans for next year.........

I told the kids on the way to DC that the hotel had us booked for different dates and that we were going to have to sleep in tents outside cuz the hotel was already booked.  They did not appreciate my sense of humor BUT they really did like the hotel once we got inside:)
I got a quick pic of everyone at the Lincoln Memorial.  In case any of them get really rich and famous, I want proof that I took them on their first real field trip;)

Washington DC through the eyes of a 7th and/or 8th grader.  Most of them won't appreciate it or really understand it till they are older.  They will be looking through their photo albums or scrapbooks or maybe even see something on TV and things will start clicking or connecting.  There is so much to take in and see in the Nation's capital but at least the students can say they were there.
Everyone should get there once in their life.
The price of freedom in America should never be questioned but always respected.