Sunday, May 15, 2011

This Past Week on the Farm........

I noticed that the last time I posted was almost a week ago.  Its not that I don't have things to post about, its about finding the time to post and not fall asleep while doing it.  Even with all of this insane, ridiculous, annoying rain, things are a tad crazy around here and I am trying to keep my level of anxiety to a minimum.  One level of anxiety that finally ended on Thursday was the last of the babies to be born.  I was getting a bit concerned because I am going to of town this coming week and my Dad

Finally my 3 year old Nigerian Dwarf gave birth to her first kid on Thursday morning during an awful thunderstorm.  And just as I thought this adorable doe is a Mini-Mancha!  She was up and ready for life within 10 minutes! I will be honest, I am really loving these little mini-Manchas......perhaps something to think about in the future!

This little girl is just bouncing around and loving life at 4 days old!  No need to ask, she is staying here;)

Miss Bethel and I are extremely good BFF's!  She has completely stolen my heart and I am afraid to say she will become one spoiled sheepie in the months to come:)

Savannah's twin ewe lambs are slowly letting me into their world.  They come right up to me but the "touch" concept is slowly coming around.  We will be fine in the next couple of weeks. 

The little ram lamb is coming around nicely.  This is his one month horn growth.  Hoping he will have small scurs only!  He is Ag just like his month and his fleece is so soft.  I know its a personal thing, but I do think Ag sheep have a nicer fleece.

Lots of rain has brought out visitors .  I have to small toads that have taken up residency in my front porch area and I have to be careful in the evening as to not step on them as they play on the porch and walk way.

This beautiful azalea was a small cutting from my Mom's house.  It has grown into quite a bush and flowered beautifully this year.  Thursday and Friday we actually had sunny, humid weather and it bloomed.  Today of course was the ugly day of rain and fog. 
Tomorrow the farrier is coming out to trim the mini's hooves and then Tuesday morning I am leaving for Washington D.C. for three days with my students.  It will actually be less stressful than sitting at home thinking about all the yard work and gardening I need to do once it stops raining (its suppose to rain for the next 4 days).  I figure the grass should be will over a foot high by the time I get back.  Though if my babysitter gets ambitious.........right Dad???