Saturday, May 7, 2011

Of Lambies & Mud

Its hard to believe that the Shetland lambies are pushing 3 1/2 weeks old already! One would think that in 3 1/2 weeks I would be busting out with all kind of news like how wonderful the garden is growing, all the yard work I have gotten done, the painting of fences I have started.... HOWEVER, I can report that I am becoming a successful mud wrestler.  In addition to this new talent, I have learned how to integrate swear words with the word "mud" to create a whole new language.  Sometimes I even impress myself with my creativity and in all honesty, I think the animals are impressed with me because secretly they are thinking the same thing about the #@*! mud!

I try not to swear around the babies because they still think I am alittle strange and I don't want to scare them as we are just gaining trust with each other. Actually they are becoming quite friendly and are enjoying their adventure days.

So gas prices have busted into the $4.16 range and because its costing me a sh*t  crap load more to drive to work, I am refusing to spend that kind of money to mow my lawn.....well when I can mow the lawn due to saturated state of the yard.  The goats are providing a nice mowing system as long as they leave the pine trees alone!!

Poor Dixie is sick of getting a bath but she is such a low rider and a mud magnet.  I tell her every day, "You play, you pay!"  The weather channel's forecast has very little rain in it for the next 3 days so I will keep my fingers crossed and hopefully I can get some work done in the garden.

Hope all is well with those of you who stop by to read and that gas prices and rain haven't taken over your life too!