Thursday, April 21, 2011

Can Goats Really Fly?

Today's forecast was sunny, breezy with temps in the upper 40's.  I took advantage of the one day without rain in it and got 35 bales of hay.  By the time I backed the truck up and opened up the barn doors, I already had a customer on the tailgate sampling the hay.

Gwendolyn, aka Gwennie, jumped up on the tailgate by her little Mini-Mancha self and started munching away on the hay.

Not to be out done by a baby goat, Jammer felt the need to also sample the hay to make sure it was okay for everyone else.  Unfortunately, Jammer was not able to jump his porky self up on the tailgate so he settled for sampling on two hooves.

Lil' Gwennie got a little braver and moved up to the next level of hay............

..........then she thought she should sample some of the hay on the side. I guess she was pretty happy and enjoying herself because all of a sudden Gwennie decided she could fly!!!!!!!

"I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky!"

Brave little shit isn't she for being only 3 months old?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If I was a Duck............

........I would be loving this weather. 
HOWEVER, according to my Chinese Zodiac sign, I am a sheep, therefore I don't like to get soaking wet.  According to my calendar, its nearing the end of April.  I am a teacher on Springbreak.  I love gardening.  I have LOTS of stuff ready to be planted.  I had to cancel my sheep shearing apppointment today because the forecast was 100% chance of rain.  As a matter of fact, there is a 60% chance of rain all flippin' week except Thursday.  Whoopie for Thursday.   I am feeling moody, annoyed, disgusted, aggravated.....which ones did I miss?  So since I am NOT a duck and I don't want to be a duck,
according to me, THIS WEATHER SUCKS!

So what do baby LaMancha goats do on rainy days? Drive their mom nuts by using her as a jumping platform.  Sweet Pea is such a patient mom!  The boys might as well enjoy playtime because tomorrow they get dehorned :(

I think Savannah's twin ewe lambs have the right idea on a rainy day.......
........curl up and take a nap!

So how exciting is the weather where you live?