Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday's Baby Goats

Pregnant animals stress me out.  I stress myself out.  Not marking breeding days on the calendar is my fault.  Now I swear, according to the calendar in my brain, I bred Sweet Pea in mid-Octobor.  That would have put her due date mid-ish March. Its was a nice Fall day, I remember that. It was warm.  It was obviously not mid-October because she would be like 3 weeks past due. Guess it was early November cuz she kidded last night.  She probably thought I was an idiot cuz I kept talking to her stomach and trying to listen to make sure everything was okay in there.  I was worried about her but she would let me do my talking as long as she could rub her head on my butt.  Her and I have a great understanding.
This was her first kidding.  Yesterday her udder got very large but because she is quite "chunky" noticing if the babies dropped was kinda hard.  But this morning when I went into the barn at 5:45 am, there she was with her babies, all cleaned up and nursing!

And she had 2 little cream colored bucklings!! Now I really wanted a doe but I won't be picky because she did and is doing a great job with them and they are very healthy and nursing well.

I took a half day at school today so I could get home and check on them but no need as they were warm and snug with Sweet Pea and doing well. When I got home it was a total down pour of rain, with thunder rolling in occassionally. 
There is just something about rain on a barn roof and baby animals that just brings an inner peace to the heart.