Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Have Such an Itch!

Oh, my gosh, the itch is so bad!  The Spring itch!  Its just killing me!
Last year Easter was so early (end of March) that I never even put out any Spring decorations.  
This year I am thinking Spring and Easter decorations to jump start the upcoming season. 

My window house was first on my agenda!

So much better than that happy snowman that was in there!  Spring is very welcomed here!

At my favorite store today they had lots of new gardening items.  I was excited to pick up 2 new tools to add to my pink Breast Cancer Awareness gardening collection.  Did I mention I found a pink wheel barrow? But its $80......... Daddy?????  (Back off sister Jen if your reading)

Oh, those chickens!!! I may have an itch but they were just scratching fools when I let them out to enjoy the weather today!  Why do they insist they have to play in the mulch??!!??
 Anyways, I hope everyone has the itch cuz it has been one long winter!!