Friday, March 11, 2011

Shear Craziness

Well, when the Weather Channel shows up in one's area, it usually means the weather is going to be crappy.  Hence, last night into this morning as Mike was reporting from downtown Cleveland.  When I peeked out the window at 4:30 am it did not look promising, perhaps annoying would be the better word.  The news channels were not reporting much on school closings so I went about my normal routine. The channel I usually watch really had no closings so I figured due to so many snow days used by most districts (not mine of course) schools were open. So off I went to school. When I got onto the road I decided to call my Dad, but I noticed that there was a call from the school district??? Seriously?  I called my buddy teacher from school who then told me she texted me that we were closed and then proceeded to call me a geek and to go back home.  Yes, I guess I was a geek, perhaps I should have turned the channel to see that the other channels were reporting us closed.

Now I want to explain that I do NOT have a creek in this part of my yard.  This creek is the result of the snow melt and rain over the past 2 weeks.  It will now continue to get bigger because all of this snow when it melts by mid-week as the temps are going into the 50's, has nowhere to go as the ground is totally saturated.

My poor feathered friends!  The red winged black birds have come back and I have seen the robins hopping around too.  I noticed some old nests in the barn have new dressings in them. They are probably thinking "What the #@*#?"

Never to be outdone by the weather, Crazy Daisy was out to see what mischief she could get into.  First the bird feeders..............

........then trying to find fresh pine needles........

......and then following me to see if she could get into the house.  I told her the buck stops on the front porch and she would have to either wait for me or just go back to the barn with her baby.  She eventually found her way back after nibbling on whatever vegetation she could find under the snow.  Simon kitty was probably thinking she is one crazy goat.
Tomorrow there is a 30% chance of rain as the temps go into the mid 40's.  This is why I have no desire to shear the sheep in March.  The weather here just flips all over the place.  I do not have a big enough barn to close the sheep in comfortably when the weather goes bad.  I am not going to chance the sheep getting sick either and since I am never going to plan on breeding 10 or more ewes at one time ( I have 2 due in early April ) I will wait 'till April.  I have scheduled shearing for April 19th.  This is my springbreak week at school.  Now if for some insane reason the weather get grossly hot in early April I will reschedule the shearing for and just take a day off of work.  Tomorrow I am making a run down to Amish Country to pick up a few things and maybe look into buying a canoe.........

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

When Life Comes Full Circle......

Three years ago this April, my first LaMancha Liberty kidded with twins, a doe and a buck. It was such an exciting day on the little farm for me!

Libby was a great Mom and I loved her antics with her kids.  I named her daughter "Sweet Pea" because she was just a total sweetie and just cute as a button.  Sweet Pea is one of my goats that just stands there and lets me hug her forever.

Pictured above is Sweet Pea on the right and her brother, aka "Mr. Annoying"  because he is also insanely friendly to the point of being annoying.  They were about 3 months old in this picture.  This past Fall Liberty passed away due to cancer.  I was completely heartbroken and took her loss very hard.  Liberty brought my love for LaManchas full circle.  They are the most loving goats and truly make connections with humans. There are days when the barn seems empty without her.

This is Sweet Pea today.  She is due to kid in about 2 weeks and I am so excited!  She will be a first time mom and to say that her babies mean alot to me is a small understatement! Her mom meant so much too me so her babies are just like a little gift from Heaven and Libby, and it will be an even bigger gift if they are twin does:)  I will of course, be happy with healthy kids regardless!
Please check back for Sweet Pea's kids!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Looking for a Sense of Humor......

I am trying very hard to sport a sense of humor while mucking through all the mud, frozen mud, and muddier mud during chore time. Saturday's 1.5 inches of rain almost put me over the edge and Wednesday's predication of more rain is just giving me a warm, fuzzy feeling already.  The animals are helping me cope with my rather "annoyed" mood lately.

Lil' Texas was just a smiling little fool for me.............

Not sure what Essex is thinking, probably that life will be much better when she gets about 10 plus pounds of wool sheared off........or maybe she is thinking, "I can't dread another day of snow."

Oh, then there is bad Ripton and loveable TJ respectively.  Ripton is playing the "I am so cute and innocent" role right now.  Shall I mention the broken leg incident?  Perhaps the broken gate incidents?  Such a punk. Even so, I plan on using him next year for breeding 2 of the girls and yes TJ, you and Essex are going to be an item next year!!!
Hope all is well with everyone and I am sure we are all thinking of greener days and less mud!