Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The P's of March

The dreaded January and February are behind me.  Now comes the really long month of March.  If I PLAN accordingly and get lots of the "little" things done in March that I have so cleverly avoid in January and February, particularly the reorganization and serious cleaning of my house, then April will arrive calmly instead of in PANIC mode.  Yes, I am admitting that I am a procrastinator, actually that should be PROCRASTINATOR in all caps.  I have lots of ideas rolling around in my head and I need to get everything PREPARED for the garden and barn.  Now with all due credit for me, I have been buying seeds but I need to layout on paper where everything is going to go.  I will be adding 2-3 new raised beds this year also.  But let me move on to PREGNANCY in the barn.  According to my plans I have Sweet Pea to deliver LaMancha babies in about 3 weeks, maybe earlier.  She has a very small udder developing right now.  Mooshie, another LaMancha, is not showing any signs other than she is a total PITA. She wouldn't be due until early April however.  Now I put Jed in with 2 of my Shetlands, Savannah and Betsy, around Thanksgiving so they won't be due until early April also and Savannah is already looking pretty chunky.  Now if there are any other pregnancies in the barn, that will be new blogger news for me.  See and its this unplanned stuff that the animals throw at me that screws up my efforts and desire to be a PREMIER hobby farmer of the year as I have mentioned before. 
Now I have been sucked into PLAYTIME. 

When I come home from school and let the babies out, they want to play,not just with each other but with me.   I get caught up in their silly antics especially when I become one of the spring boards for their jumping games.  This old igloo dog house is now a clubhouse for the babies and a total annoyance for the mom's who can't fit in it. I, of course, find it funny.

Then there is the PEEK-A-BOO game we play. I hide or they hide and one of us looks around the corner to see who can scare who.  They usually win at peek-a-boo because they are often coming up from behind and jumping on the back of my legs unannounced.

And of course there is the PERFECT PICTURE time for the babies. They are always jumping all over the place and since my Dad forgot to buy me that really expensive camera for Christmas that takes action shots, I have to use my really old, back-in-the-day digital camera to get photos.  I get really excited when I get that one, cute factor photo of them!
Now I was going to give you the POOP picture of March but put after the 2 inches of rain on Monday it kinda looks like diarrhea running all over the pasture.....I am sure you understand the pretty picture of manure after all the snow melts and it rains especially if you have animals and your walking through it:)

So those are the P's of March around Harvest Thyme. 
Now PERHAPS PATHETIC me should see about scheduling the sheep to get sheared.............

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dear Noah:

Dear Noah;
Hey Noah, this is Kristi over here in Northeast Ohio and I have a huge favor to ask.  Could I borrow your ark for the next 2 days?  I know its a huge request but I have fear that my barns and animals are going to be swept away by melting snow and rain.  Yeah, on Friday we got slammed with 9 inches of snow plus the 5 inches we had gotten on Monday and prior to that the 7 inches of snow that was on the ground for awhile got melted away rendering the ground a total fiasco.  But see tonight through all day Monday we are going to get up to 2 inches of rain which will then wash away the 9 inches of snow.  Well, its not gonna technicially wash it away, its just going to displace it in the liquid form of water.  I think the barns and animals might wash away if I don't take precautionary measures.  So I thought of you......you know, the ark, the animals, the flood, you get my drift, right?  Hey, can you lend a single farm gal an ark?  Its just for 2 days. 
I don't have too many animals..........................

.........21 sheep...................

..........18 chickens (don't worry about smashed eggs, they are only laying 2-3 a day).....

.........2 miniature horses ( they crossed hooves that they would be good and not bossy).....

.......20 goats (not sure how it got to be so many, they just started multiplying)......

Oh, there are 3 dogs, 11 cats, and me. All animals promise to be respectful of your ark and clean-up after themselves.  Hope you can help me out.......I know you love those animals and mine are such wonderful, loving, respectfully examples of their species, well, at least, some of them are.
Thanks again,
Kristi & the Harvest Thyme Crew