Friday, February 25, 2011

Its Not Pretty Anymore

Last night the weather man said blizzard like conditions coming in around 4 am.  Large amounts of snow, extreme wind gusts, blowing snow, definite school closings.  Sure I thought to myself.  Those weatherman are like drama queens.  At 4:30 am when I got up, it was looking a bit rough outside, actually it was ugly outside.  But only a few school closings were posted on tv.  I took my shower and came back out to check school closings.  Not my school. Of course not.  By 5:15 school closings were pouring in and by some small miracle, someone in my district closed school. Wonders will never cease.  Can you see how the snow is having a bad effect on my attitude now?  Its kinda like I am "so done with it".  Now its irritating, annoying, not pretty, its ugly, real ugly......I hate it now. I. AM. THE. SNOW. HATER! 

This picture doesn't give the full effect of the 35 mph wind gusts, the white crap hitting my face, the animals screaming at me because I am not moving fast enough through the snow drifts that have hindered my short legs useless.  Probably a good thing these pictures don't have sound because I would have had to rate this blog entry "R" for bad language especially this morning when I was trying to figure out where to feed everyone.  The insides of the barns even had snow in them due to the way the wind was whipping around.  That was real nice, absolutely awesome.....a perfect bonus for my  already "positive" attitude.

Even some of the sheep had words about the weather......well, I am assuming they did because I know they were not talking smack about me!

Once the snow and winds died down around 4:00, I had more paths to shovel.

Of course, some animals were oblivious to the weather drama today and were just happy to get out to run around and play!  Ahh, to be so young and nieve. 
Well, at least I got a day off of school, reconnected with my TV and couch, and enjoyed sampling all my junk food.  On Monday its suppose to be in the upper 50's with rain, maybe even thunderstorms.  Wonder where 10 plus inches of snow will go????!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No More Rut for Rutland

The last week of December Rutland became victim of Ripton's male dominance issue.  My poor choice was leaving Rutland in with Ripton after Rutland had been wethered.  The two of them had been buddies so I really didn't give it much thought and they were getting along fine.  Then one morning Ripton got a bug up his a*# and decided to be Mr. Macho and nailed Rutland in the leg, resulting in Rutland having a broken back right leg.  I felt like a total bad owner.

( left to right....Rutland, Glover, & Barlett)
Rutland was off to the vet that morning.  After discussing the issue with my vet, she said he had a good chance of it healing because of his small size.  So on went the fiberglass cast for the next 7 weeks.  I kept monitoring it.  Making sure there was no bad smell of infection or rubbing of the cast on the leg.  Rutland moved in with Glover & Barlett, 2 Shetland wethers, both very mellow. 
So Monday was the big take-off-the-cast day.  I was hoping for the best but preparing for the worst..........

..........and for once, I got the best!!!!  Rutland's back right leg healed very, very well!!!  The tendions in the leg are weak so it will take a week or so for them to tighten up so he can walk firmly on the back leg but the vet said the break healed nicely:)  Rutland came out of his "rut" with the help of a good vet!!!

To say that I am relieved and overjoyed might be a tad understatement!!
Seriously, how can I not love my baby Rutland's cute face????

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Look at Us at 3 Weeks Old!

Well, I have to admit that the babies are helping me cope with the last remaining weeks of winter.  They are definitely developing their little personalities and providing me with lots of laughs during their playtime.

In this photo opportunity the boys were pretending they are Siamese twin goats...........

.........little mini-Mancha buck is going to see if he can jump over the fence using the bench as his catapult.

Give the babies a bale of hay and they are entertained for hours especially when they play Superman and leap off the bale to fly threw the air in a single bounce.

Okay, lil' Miss Mini Mancha has totally won my heart and she can do no wrong in my eyes.  She is just the prettiest girl in my opinion!

This is the Finger Monster!  He will nibble on my finger at any given opportunity and if there is a drawstring on a sweatshirt, look out!  Its hard to believe they are 3 weeks old now!  I am so pleased on how well they are growing.  Both of the boys will be offered for sale in a couple of weeks, but the little girl will be staying right here;) 
Sometimes those bumps in the road turn out to be the most rewarding!