Thursday, February 10, 2011

"D"- Day on the Farm

Yesterday was D day for the babies.......dehorn day!  The twins were 12 days old and Daisy's baby boy was 11 days old.  My vet likes to do the dehorn from 10 days to 2 weeks old.  Dehorning is one farming element I have no desire to learn how to do.  I am game for many new farming things but thats not one of them.  Its not like I am kidding out tons of baby goats per season so the cost is not the factor for me. I much rather pay the vet to take care of that.  I dropped them off at the vet at 8 in the morning and I picked them up after school.  One of the doctor's assurred me that they looked like a great lunch to eat......I so appreciate a vet doctor with a good sense of humor!  Good thing I worked there for so many years!  My parents had stopped over and my Dad said when he went out to the barn Sassy came right up to him screaming and following him around looking for help to find her babies.  Sassy is quite the drama goat and boy she was happy to see them!

So all 3 of them have their dehorn identification marks.  Daisy's little boy pictured above already had very prounced horn buds so it was good that he got them done when he did.  He is such a little lover and loves to jump on me and nipples on everything he can. 

It was a tad nippy today, actually -9 when I started the mini-van to warm it up this morning and the windchill put it well into the negative teens.  Since the sun was out I let the babies play for a bit after school.  They are hay jumping crazy kids! 
I would post more things but since its just snow, more snow, and icicles...well the babies are just more exciting.  There is a heat wave coming in next week, the 40's by Thursday! 
Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Big Adventure Day for the Babies

The babies are already a week old!  They have gotten so big in just a week and their little personalities are starting to show.  Today it was a blamy 30 degrees so I thought I would let them out for a little adventure and so Daisy and Sassy could get some leg stretch in.

Sassy was doing fine with her babies until they decided to start running around then she got annoyed with them and started calling and talking to them.  Of course, the babies had other things to do.

And Daisy being Daisy headed right out with her little man tagging along (see the new header photo).  She went right to her favorite place, the bird feeder.  I am sure her little man was thinking. "But mom, why are you eating bird food?  I thought we were goats?"

Action shot provided by little mini-mancha girl.  I haven't named her yet as I am waiting for her personality to really come through.......I know, if you name them, they are probably staying..............

Little LaMancha man got to meet ReRun................

......and he was checking the beagles out with lots of curiousity.  The beagles are so good with the babies too especially because they provide lots of "little treats".
The babies were out for about 30 minutes then I put them back in so they wouldn't get a chill. They totally crashed out once back in their much play makes for tired little kids:)  I have to admit for all the stress Sassy and Daisy put me through, its kinda nice to have a little fun in the barn on these depressing winter days!