Saturday, January 15, 2011

Anticiaption & New Sheep Attire

Remember the ketcup commerical about "anticipation...anticipaaation, it keeps me waiting"....... thats kinda like me, Sassy, and Daisy.  Every morning I hold my breath when I enter the barn and then I check late night before bed, and her and Crazy Daisy are just hanging out.  I think they are mocking me. 

Gee, can you pick out which one is Sassy?  Yeah, I know Speedy the miniature horse is fat too BUT I know for 100% accuracy that she is NOT pregnant.....she is just FAT & FLUFFY!

This is one of three possiblities for the Jerry Springer, "Who's Your Daddy" goat episode.  Yeah, he was trying to give me the "I'm so innocent" , "How can you possibly be mad at me" look today.  Whatever, I am not buying it.  Horny little buckling, thinks he's all that and then some. Lucky, for him he has great bloodlines and if he is the sire for Daisy's kids, well then, I might let him have this one mistake, but only if she has a doe!

Check out my new Sheep attire! Way too fun! I love my new sheep! Handknitted for me by Dave at Wee Middlebranch Farm .  Dave has purchased a couple of Shetland ewes from me and when he came to pick up a ewe he purchased that stayed to be bred to Jed, he gave me these very soft, awesome colored hat and gloves as a present! I am going to be stalking Dave this summer to learn more about knitting and dyeing wool/yarn:)

Oh, yeah, I need to learn how to knit!  These are just too fun! Thanks Dave!
Sheep friends are just great!
Now back to that song about anticipation...............

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just Waiting......

Doing a lot of waiting over here at Harvest Thyme.  The 2 pregnant does are holding on strong.  I wish they would make a decision because I would really like to call in sick one morning.  Should have called in this morning because it took me an hour and a half to drive into school because the snow hit just in time for rush hour. Lots of "waiting" in traffic, lots of swearing at other drivers, lots of praying that I would get to school in time to use the restroom because I drank a huge hot chocolate while sitting and swearing.

The girls were "waiting" patiently for me to feed them after school.  What they were looking at was Dixie sitting on their hay and wondering what the heck is that all about?  I told them she was just guarding it.  I think the sheep rolled their eyes at me. 

Have I mentioned I am already done with winter?  I am "waiting" for those first signs of spring..........
I hate waiting.