Sunday, November 6, 2011

A New Thanksgiving Day Meal Idea

It has been 2 weeks since an egg was laid in the chicken coop.  I used my last eggs to make Halloween cupcakes for my homeroom students.  This is pathetic when I have 15 chickens living in a $1,100 Amish built chicken coop and eating Purina chicken feed.  I believe they are taking advantage of me.  I need to take charge....its time to ruffle their out some threats......therefore I am annoucing that....... of them is going to be the Thanksgiving Day bird if I don't get a dozen eggs within a week!

Don't even try to run..... you chicken! A threat is a threat and times are lean so everyone must do their part!  I hate a farm slacker.  They will probably mock me even more and not even give me eggs to make stuffing......creeps.  Whatever, one way or another I will get my eggs.  I am in charge of this farm!

Don't worry Wilimington, I would never threaten the sheepies to be Thanksgiving Day dinner.
Okay, I lied.  I did tell Ripton the other day when he was beating the crap out of the gate again I was going to make a meal out of him.  He doesn't need to know that the only meat I eat is chicken and pork.
Gosh, all of this stress for a few flippin' eggs!!!!!!!


Nancy K. said...

Good Luck! From zero eggs in two weeks to a dozen in one week seems like pretty high expectations. Have you picked out who's gonna be Thanksgiving dinner???


Barb said...

I am currently getting one egg every other a good week. My tantrums at night when I tuck the nine hens and one rooster in to their clean coop with organic feed and fresh water don't seem to be getting much attention. They just look at each other in a startled manner as if to say, "My she is cranky again tonight! What is her problem?"

Let me know how your threats are going...I may have to try that tactic if it works for you. :O)

Foothills Poultry said...

get you a bucket of KFC and sit by the lot and have lunch. Make sure you tell them they will be next if no eggs are produced. Leave the empty bucket hanging on the fence as a reminder to the freeloaders.


kristi said...

no eggs still, they all are going to be dinner

can I borrow one egg?

KFC is too good for them, I am going to go the McDonalds route