Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Early Visit with Santa Claus

Pictures with Santa 2011

Squirt the Beagle:  Hey Santa!  Before we start, can you loosen up that grib, your cramping me up....I aint gonna anywhere for pete's sake!  I have changed my ways, I am not running out of the yard any more, I have been really good at listening when Mom calls me.  And you won't believe this one, I am down to less than 2 "F" bombs a week from Mom!! I know you are shocked, cuz last year you said I needed to get the "F' bombs down cuz I was up to 2  a day and you said Mom was going to take me to the bad place if I didn't start listening more so I worked really hard on my listening skills.  Now she is calling me "Good dog" when I come back instead of MF'er.  I think you should get her a nice gift instead of that bar of soap for her mouth you had mentioned last year, maybe some nice lotion from Bath & Body so maybe I can use it when I roll in horse sh*#  and I don't want her to know about it.....just a suggestion to make your list easier.  I lost 10 pounds this year since Mom started feeding us that organic dog food but I was wondering if you could slip me a pig's ear in my stocking.  The organic stuff is all good-n-that but I really get a carving for that junk food once in awhile.  Mom is a little tight on cash after I had that surgery to remove 2 growths.  She was really worried about me & since everything turned out good, I was wondering if you could bring her a new dog pillow to sit on when she watches TV & works on her lab top?  I really hate to give up couch space and I don't want her to get butt sores cuz my old pillow is pretty ragged.  Ok, I think I covered it all.  If I missed something I'll send you a quick woof to let you know.....opps, almost forgot already.  My brother ReRun didn't come to see you cuz he is getting old & kinda freaks out at the thought of going for a ride so could you bring him a nice sweater? He gets the chills when its really cold.  He would like a pigs ear too. He was kinda bad,  he ate a loaf of fresh bread the other day & I was going to take the blame for him but he's done it before & he didn't take the blame for me when I ate the bag of cereal.  Otherwise, he is a sappy old guy & a good brother.  Ok, Santa, good talkin' to you!

Dixie the Cardigan Welsh Corgis:  Hey Santa, can you tell your wife to just put me down?  I am not giving ears up for this picture!  Look all I want is to visit those other dogs in line!  I am not picky about gifts, anything makes me happy! And I just want you to know that it was Alvin the cat who brought the mouse in the house.  I just tried to catch it when it went under the closet door, but at least Mom caught it on the sticky trap after she duct taped the bottom of the closet door closed!  I know I should not have chased the baby deer the other day in the yard, I swear I could have caught it though! I promise to listen better and not hide yucky bones under Mom's bed pillow and I will let Mom wipe my feet off when I come in from outside instead off freaking out like she is killing me.  Okay, can I go now? Yes, I will try not to bark in Mom's ear at night when she is in a dead sleep, yes I know I could give heart failure, but sometimes I am trying to protect her from the wind outside. Are we done now?  Mom said I should tell you to have a good Christmas so have a good a Christmas Santa!


jen said...

That is a VERY cute picture! Why aren't you in it???

Susan said...

Poor Dixie LOL. She's adorable even without giving eats though!