Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Blue Ribbon for Wool!

This past week was my local county's fair.  Every year I say I am going to enter something in the fair and I never do.  Either I forget the deadline date or I just say, "Oh forget it." This year I was on top of it and entered 2 fleeces: a white Cotswold and a black Cotswold fleece.  Now of course since Cotswold is a rare breed and not the "typical" sheep breed one would find at the fair, I was not holding my breath for anything great but one could always hope. 
On Thursday evening my good friend Veronica, who I don't know why we are good friends after 20 years cuz she does not even own a goldfish, ventured to the fair for yummy eats and to enjoy the atmosphere ( and so I could show her how to pet a farm animal :).
The sheep and wool show was on Wednesday and to my surprise this is what I found:

In the "White, Handspinner AOB" category, Essex, my beautiful white Cotswold ewe from Nistock Farm in NY won a 1st Place Blue Ribbon!!!  I was just too darn excited!!!!!

Of course when I told Essex the exciting news, she just took it in stride.

I got a third place ribbon for Ethan's fleece in the "Black-natural colored fleece" category and I was pleased with that too!

Ethan's fleece weighed in at just over 13# this year! One of the reasons was because I sheared in June due to the lack of cooperation in the weather.  Depending on the length of their wool locks in October, I may have all the Cotswolds sheared then.
Of course next year I am going to enter my best Shetland wool too and maybe even a Romney fleece also.
But for now, I am pretty excited about that blue ribbon!


Nancy K. said...

Congratulations Kristi! That white fleece is gorgeous! Is it my imagination or does your 'black Cotswold' fleece almost look white as well?

Your Cotswolds are SOOO cute!

Sue said...

Congrats on the ribbon (s)
Essex has that look that says "But of course! You had doubts???"

thecrazysheeplady said...

Good job!

Christine said...

Congratulations! I just love those Cotswold fleeces. Nice!

Anonymous said...

Wow! A blue ribbon is awesome! Love the pics of Essex, too.

Thanks for all your encouragement over the year. Maybe I will get brave and enter a fleece next year, too!

Deb said...

Way to go Kristi!!!! Congrats to you and your beautiful sheep!

kristi said...

Thanks everyone for stopping! Its nice to know people are reading about us:) Ethan's fleece "looks" white as he is more silver in color than black. His brother Ira is definitely a true black. Regardless, I love both of their fleeces;)

Susan said...

I'm soooo excited for you. I was at the fair Wed. night sorry didn't check out the fleece. Concert was awesome though.

Deb at Merciful Hearts Farm said...

Congratulations! I'm originally from Copley & we always went to the Medina County Fair. We're now in Upstate SC & loving our Cotswolds. Yours are beautiful!

Dave Lewis said...

Congratulations!! Now we just need to learn how to spin it.

Vermont Grand View Farm said...

Oh what lovely fleeces!