Sunday, July 10, 2011

This is for the Birds!

On Saturday my Dad and I went to an Amish School Benefit Auction.  We have been attending this auction for the last couple of years and I always come up with some deal. My Mom was not feeling well so I was in charge of my Dad.  My Dad is NO longer allowed to be near me when I am bidding on an item as of Saturday, July 9th, 2011!!  During the bidding on these rockers, that mind you, he and I both wanted and sat in on numerous occassions, he had a "senior citizen" moment and blew it and I did NOT get the rockers!  He is band from standing next to me at any auction!

Now, while Dad was browsing around and probably sitting in the rocker he "wanted", I was busy bidding on items.  Ok, so maybe I didn't really need 7 birdhouses but I got good prices ranging from $5 to $8.  I gave one to my Mom and I figure I have enough fence posts and trees to put them in.  I like the new suet feeder (front row, lower left) and the log suet feeder is a neat idea for $5.00.  The slate friend sign was $8.00 and I got my Mom a walking stick of which she will probably hit me with cuz I got it for her seniorself;)  Notice Inspector Jammer checking out my purchases, he is such a goof!

I love these window garden greenhouses.  I already have 2 in my garden of which I paid $50 for one and $35 for the other and I got them at the auction in previous years.  My Mom really wanted one so I told her I would get her one if I could get a good price on it this year.  There were 4 at the auction. So when bidding came up on the 2 pictured above, I was right there, my Dad was NOT with me!  It was a small crowd, mostly men in the area where these were at.  The auctioneer started the bidding at $80.  No bids. He dropped it to $50. No bids.  Now it was $25.  No bids.  $15 he called out.  No bids.  $10?? No bids.  So he called out $2.00.  I put my number up. He looked around and called out $5.00 to counter.  No one countered.  He called out again. Nothing. He looked at me and said, "Sold!"  He said, "Do you want both of them for two times the money?"  Well, I was only looking for one, but heck, for four dollars, I took them both!  What a bargin!! Only problem was I knew I could not fit them both in the mini-van even though I took both back seats out before I left home (preplanning purchases) so I had to find a really nice Amish man to unscrew the roof windows so I could take them both home. Dad of course, didn't believe me that I got them both for $4.00....thats cuz he doesn't know how to wait for a good bid!!

Good grief, is it hot where you are at???  Today its 92 degrees and I have no idea how the animals can lay in the sun like this!

Rutland prefers the shade right next to the water bucket.............

.........and Ira Allan prefers his favorite spot right next to the gate when its hot out!

However, above all, what is truly for the birds are these pathetic chickens that are laying only 2 or 3 eggs a day!!  Last week there were 2 days with no eggs! Do they think they are on summer vacation?? I told them I am going to remove their shade tarp and they can become roasted chickens if they don't shape up!  I hate slackers.  Only slacker should be me right now because I am not going outside in 90 degree weather;)


Dave Lewis said...

I love reading your posts!


Sue said...

What a score! I've shown my husband these 'greenhouses" before and it's definately on the Honey-do list!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Love the window greenhouses!