Saturday, July 23, 2011

Story Time for the Lambies

"Lambies, come on over here, out of the sun and in the shade where it is only 95 degrees instead of 100!"

"I want to tell you a story about a season called Winter."

"Oh its not a scary story like your mom tells you about the Big Bad Wolf eating you if you don't come when she calls you. Winter is one of the four seasons and is one that sheep love the most!"

"Its when all these beautiful snowflakes fall from the sky and covers all the pretty sheepie wool like a white blanket!"

"Sometimes the sheepie like to make funny faces in the snow like Danby!  Its a time when sheepie don't have to worry about flies biting their noses or legs and you never have to worry about feeling like you can't breath cuz its so hot."

"But one time there was such much snow and it was so cold in the winter that baby Glover, who was one of the smallest lambs born, had to wear a fuzzy red coat like Santa Claus to keep him warm!"

"Oh its okay, don't be scared, Glover was just fine and everyone said how cute he looked in his Santa coat. But don't worry Wilmington, you have a beautiful fleece that will be nice and thick by Winter."

"And you will never have to worry about getting fed in the Winter.  I will always shovel my way to the barn in the deepest snow for all of my animals, even if the windchill is below zero."

Wilmington, "Hey I think she is having heat stroke, the heat index heat 102 today and it hit 110 yesterday or maybe she took one too many of those Vicodins for that Sciatic Nerve she pinched.  I have no clue what this Winter thing is and why does she keep naming her sheep after towns in Vermont?!?! 

"Wilmingon, did I ever tell you about the time the snow had drifted so bad that I could not even open the barn doors?"

Wilmington, "Psst, someone call 911, she won't let me go!!!"


Susan said...

You crack me up. I think the heat definitly does mysterious things to ones mind LOL

kristi said...

I think its the "old" age setting in! I hate it!

Sue said...

Soon, very soon, they will find out what winter is. And then they will dream of.......summer!
It sure would be nice to have something in-between, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

Cute story time- thanks!

jen said...

And you say I have issues. We were so created from the same seed:)

Seven Gates Farm said...

Let's see, about 103 here today. I even made BIG ice cubes for the horses stall buckets. I work outside in short increments. I love the pictures of your sheep. I can tell you love them so much. I love the one in his jacket. One day in the not too distant future, I will "feel and smell" the hint of fall. It will come. Debi