Friday, July 1, 2011

My Garden Thinking Chair

One would think that I would learn to relax on summer break.  But like I told the lady at Home Depot today as I was buying lumber for my latest idea, summer is like a death trap for me.  I come up with all of these "project" ideas and just become the Energizer Battery bunny and I keep going and going.......

On Wednesday for example I took the truck and got a yard of black mulch to put in the flower beds.  Now my "smart" move was to buy black dyed mulch because I like the look of it and it like the look of dying my hands black even with garden gloves on.  Lets just say I have "pretty" stained hands.

This is my little "thinking" chair though I have to fight my cat Alvin for the space as he likes it for his napping area.

This is my little Siamese named Sealy.  This is her favorite spot on the porch to check out the view of the yard. 

This year I bought one too many tomato plants so I put this lemon tomato on the left and cherry tomato on right in these pots and hoped for the best......yeah, well they are my largest tomato plants in the garden thus far this year and are already sporting green tomatoes!

Each morning I let the 4 lambs out to romp around the yard and each morning I have my camera in tow hoping to get "perfect" pictures of them.  This little black gully girl REFUSES TO LOOK AT ME and THE CAMERA!!!   I think this is picture like one million and the only reason I got it was because my rabbit sniffing beagle Squirt let out a whale of a howl and she looked up and I just happened to be sitting there with the camera and finally got lucky!!!  She is for sale if anyone is interested.  I am working on getting a few more sale pics of the lambs and kids and will be updating my sales page within the week.

Can you believe it is already July 1st???


Michaele said...

Oh what an inviting spot to sit. I love it! Such nice things to look at while you are there and some neat cats to share it with also. Summer is so awesome!

Sue said...

What a great spot to relax and think of new projects. Hope you get a chance to do that this weekend!
Happy 4th!

Susan said...

Love your thinking area. You know where mine is, the swing beside the front pond. To bad the skeeters like to think there as well. Also like you, during the summer I rarely have time to just sit and think!!!

Delaware County Master Gardener Associaton said...

Nowhere more serene than your own garden! Gorgeous, and I love the "repurposing" of that little structure :)
Stephen@DelCoMaster Gardeners