Friday, June 17, 2011

For the Love of My Gracie

With school being out for the summer, I now have "some" time to finally enjoy the farm and have visitors.  On Thursday my parents brought my niece and nephew out for a visit and to have lunch.  My niece Gracie was very excited to see the "babies".  As I explained to her, the babies were almost 3 months old but that was okay with her, she could handle it.

Yep, Gracie loves those little lambies and they just loved her!  She had her hands full as Bethel and her brother wanted lots of scratches and hugging.  These two lambs are so friendly and followed Gracie everywhere she went.

Now, much to my sister's dismay, Gracie was really born to live with me on the farm.  She is a girl after my own heart.  Now in this picture she is trying to figure out what her great Uncle Bob is trying to do with the peppermint treats as Gracie is a pro at feeding them to the animals.  Nephew Bobby was not working fast enough for one does liking.

Bobby was also having some issues with the my big LaMancha buck who was determined to take Bobby's baseball cap at all costs if he did not get a peppermint treat.  Bobby wanted to know what this goat's name was and I said, "Mr. Annoying".  He said, "Seriously?"  And I said, "Yep."  According to Bobby that was a perfect name for him!

The only one who had no issues with the animals was Gracie.  She just has that magic touch with the lambies.
However, shall I mention how I found her playing in the pail of Dietmacyhus (spelling ?) Earth because she loved how soft and fluffy it was?  Yeah, sometimes her curiosity gets her in trouble but she still is my favorite farm chick;)


jen said...

Yes I have told you before you must keep an eye on that one, she has a mind of her own. She is the reason I have gray hair, thank goodness she has a big bro like Bobby to watch over her!
and....she is not a farm girl, she is a princess, remember?

kristi said...

ok, I forgot, so she can be a "farm princess"! Have you found any of my river rocks at your house yet?LOL