Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Patience

It seems like it is taking the Spring growing season forever to get here!  I have seed packets, pots, potting soil, new gardening tools all ready to go.........just waiting on the weather to cooperate.  Today it got nice and warm so I officially washed my winter coveralls and packed them away 'till next winter.
Due to the lack of color and growing season I broke down and bought some artificial flowers for the garden to make it "look" happier out here.

So there is now a pretty pink flower...............................

...................and a pretty blue flower.  At a cost of $4.99 each, they are adding some much needed color to the garden and at least is giving me some hope for flowers yet to come.  At least all the bulbs I planted last Fall are coming up so there is some hope and I did see some growth on some coneflowers that I bought at the end of the season at year.

Now, the goats have been trying my patience thus far this year.  I planned 2 breeding for my LaManchas; however, as noted at the end of January, 2 unplanned breedings came along. Daisy had a very beautiful, stocky buck and Sassy decided to have 2 adorable mini-Manchas.  It is appearing that Miss Pistol-Whipper (pictured above) is also pregnant. There is udder development and she has decided to be my BFF lately.  She is a full-bred Nigerian Dwarf and I have no idea on the sire.  The ears will tell all in a few weeks.  She has is a 2 year old and never been bred.  Now of course, this could be a false pregnancy but with my track record this year on the goats, I'm sure its not.
What's that saying about patience?  Its a virtue? Really???
It looks like the 2 Shetlands that are bred will lamb right around my Spring break week from school, at least they are cooperating with me:)


Barb said...

Looking forward to the pictures of the shetland babies. (We are suppose to get measurable snow on Saturday here in WI....what's up with that!!??!!)

kristi said...

Hi Barb!
Thank you for stopping by! This snow crap has just gotta go! So sick of listening to my furnance turn on! You and I will keep posting about spring;)

Michaele said...

LOVE that little glass house!