Monday, April 25, 2011

Mooshie's First Kid

This past Saturday night I went out to dinner with my sister Jen (aka My Brown Newfies), my niece and nephew.  After a nice dinner we headed back to her house to chit-chat about our "future" business plans and I didn't end up getting home 'till almost 9:30!! A very, very late night out for me!  I let the dogs out and headed back to check on everybody in the barn.  What's nice about the animals is they all assume particular sleeping locations so when "someone" is not where they are suppose to be, I take note.  Mooshie, pregnant, 3 year old, first-time-to-be Mom LaMancha was not in her location. Oh no!!  I had noticed that Mooshie's udder had gotten really large this morning but didn't panic about it as most of my goats sport nice size udders for a good week or so before they kid. I found Mooshie in the lean-to get trying to get comfortable. She was not very pleased with me trying to usher her into a better location.  Once I got her into her stall and put down fresh straw and gave her some hay, she took her time studying her new environment.  After about a half hour of watching Mooshie study the rafters in the barn, staring into the heat lamp, I decided I had time to go inside for a bit.  Around 11:30 I ventured back out.  Mooshie was resting so I decided to sit with her to make sure she was fine.  After giving her a good scratching, she decided that she needed to "clean" me up.  She became obsessed with licking me and nibbling on my hair.  I only have so much patience and kindly told her I was not a new born that she needed to lick clean. I went back inside and took a "nap".  I ventured out around 2:15am to find a hoof sticking out. Mooshie gave me the "help" look.  To say that she was not a big pusher is being nice.  After 15 minutes, she was giving the wimpy whine and little pushes.  Should I help was my concern?  After another 10 minutes of nothing else coming out, I decided I needed to help.  It appeared that the right front hoof was not straightening itself out. The head was in location.  Once I got the leg straightened out and pulled out, I waited for her to push. She is not a big pusher.  I put my hand back in and found the back of the head. Using the other hand to pull on the legs, I worked with her feeble attempts at contractions.  Let me state that I really had to pull, it was not easy but he finally came out.  I had the towel already laid out and I started cleaning him up.  In all honesty, I thought I lost him.  He was not responding.  I really worked on him but finally got him to come around.

I had to reposition Mooshie as she was not the biggest helper.  I kept telling her I had it under control, thank goodness for the mid-wife!!  Once I was confident that the little guy was doing okay I gave him to Mooshie who thankfully started "cleaning" him up!! Obviously, I had not done a good enough job;)

Long legged little guy! His right front hoof still needs to straighten itself out but I have seen this before and it usually takes a couple of days and the hoof is fine.  I stayed with Mooshie to make sure everything was okay and to make sure the little guy nursed.  Around 5:15 am on Easter morning I ventured back into the house and was able to get a good 2 hour sleep in.

What a long night!  But I was glad I was there for Mooshie and the baby.  She was running a low grade fever this morning and her udder was pretty tight, though I know the baby was nursing.  I got some antibiotics and salix (to help loosen up the udder) at the vet and tonight they are both doing much better! 

Back to work tomorrow, though after this insane amount of rain, I should probably rent a boat to go to work........perhaps if I get sucked into the ground in my rubber boots I can call in sick......well its a thought;)


Susan said...

What a handsome baby boy. Do you take pix in for your students to see? I imagine the city kids would really enjoy them.

kristi said...

I am always sharing pics with the kids! I usually take one of the babies in for the younger kids. Actually, Dixie would prefer to go as she is Miss Personality Plus;)

Teri said...

So glad everything turned out good for mama and the new baby. Good job! We are finally getting goats for the first time - they will be ready for us in early June, but I'm starting out with wethers. Not ready for this kind of action yet! Thanks for sharing :)