Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If I was a Duck............

........I would be loving this weather. 
HOWEVER, according to my Chinese Zodiac sign, I am a sheep, therefore I don't like to get soaking wet.  According to my calendar, its nearing the end of April.  I am a teacher on Springbreak.  I love gardening.  I have LOTS of stuff ready to be planted.  I had to cancel my sheep shearing apppointment today because the forecast was 100% chance of rain.  As a matter of fact, there is a 60% chance of rain all flippin' week except Thursday.  Whoopie for Thursday.   I am feeling moody, annoyed, disgusted, aggravated.....which ones did I miss?  So since I am NOT a duck and I don't want to be a duck,
according to me, THIS WEATHER SUCKS!

So what do baby LaMancha goats do on rainy days? Drive their mom nuts by using her as a jumping platform.  Sweet Pea is such a patient mom!  The boys might as well enjoy playtime because tomorrow they get dehorned :(

I think Savannah's twin ewe lambs have the right idea on a rainy day.......
........curl up and take a nap!

So how exciting is the weather where you live?


Sue said...

I'm sure all that rain is putting a damper on plans. I know I'm getting mighty sick of SNOW. Awoke to more of it. Will winter never end?
I agree with the lambs----a good long nap!

Barb said...

We are covered in a new layer of
S-N-O-W! Sigh.....happy Spring.

Just love up those precious babies. That should help your moods (which I totally support and understand...spring break and this is what you get?!?!? Not Fair!)

Well...my word verification is "grave"....hee hee.

jen said...

Too bad your break wasn't 2 weeks ago!
Great poem Sis! You are so talented!

Susan said...

The duck is a great touch to your post LOL. The kids remind me of my own when they were little. Not quite but, close anyway.
I just picked up two wheelbarrows full of downed branches, that's only the front yard!!!