Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First Lambs are Twin Ewes!!

 One thing about raising animals, they just keep you on your toes!  Never a dull moment.  Just when you decide to catch your breath and relax for a moment, look out.  In the morning when I start chores I am usually followed by Savannah from bowl to bowl as I scoop out grain.  After I scoop out all the grain, she will then decide to go back to one of the orginial bowls I started with.  However, this morning she was not with me and as I paused to scan for her I heard her "baa" from the lean to. Heart stop. Oh no. Babies??? Of course the lean-to is not in any light and at 5:50 am its pretty dark.  I ran back into the barn to get the flashlight, ran back to the lean-to and there was Savannah hoofing at the ground to get comfortable.  Yep, lambs are on the way.  I got hay out for everyone then tossed fresh straw in the only available stall, hooked up a heat lamp, and went to get Savannah.  She was cooperative and I was able to get her into the stall very easily.  So now what? I was already running late for school.  This would be Savannah's third lambing, each one producing twins with no complications.  She would be fine. I got my lunch packed, dressed, gave treats to the dogs, and started up the van.  Ok, I had to run back to the barn and just double check on her.  I pulled my boots on (yes I do have an extra pair of boots in my van just because) and off to the barn one more time.  There was Savannah standing there with mucus coming out.  Well, of course I had to stay. So I called school and told them I'd be in by 9:15.  Ran back to the house to change into sweats, back to the barn, and by then there was a lamb.
So within 35 minutes Savannah had twin ewe lambs!  A solid black and a gulmoget just like her sire Jed.  Now for those of you who might be reading, I am not the "best" on genetics so since Savannah is mioget, then both of these girls will carry the modifying gene? Jed is a black gully.

This gully girl is very single coated like Jed. The black ewe lamb appears to be perhaps more intermediate coated. Both are doing well and the little gully girl has already been running around like a lil' crazy woman!

Last year I took a break from breeding sheep so to start this lambing season with twin ewe lambs is very exciting! I have sold all of the ewes Savannah produced so one of these little girls will be staying here.........not both, just one!!


Michelle said...

Just send that little gully girl on out to Oregon, Kristi!

Kara said...


Tammy said...

Congrats! What a pretty pair and ewe lambs to boot. Is the gully brown based? I was thinking you were wanting a brown based gully...
Glad everything went well and quickly.